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Benefits Of Cross Country Skiing For Trail Runners

Cross Country Skiing

Cross training – also referred to as physical activity(ies) in which athletes participate in addition to their primary sport training – allows runners to supplement their running volume, increase strength and improve their fitness in new and different ways. Common cross training activities for runners include cycling, weight training, ElliptiGo rides, swimming, rock climbing, skimo… Read more »

Coach Alex Willis’ Top Cross Training Tips For Trail Runners

Cross Training

Alex Willis, born and raised local from America’s highest incorporated town, Leadville, Colorado (situated at 10,200 feet), has made a name for himself as an accomplished athlete and endurance coach in a variety of sporting disciplines. Willis is a former USA Triathlon Team Member, collegiate runner and currently competes at the elite level in many… Read more »

Avoid These Five Dangerous Trail Running Training Pitfalls

New Year’s resolutions often bring a renewed commitment to training plans, but not all training plans are created equal. Organized training plans can be a great way to establish race goals and improve running performance, but there are also a few common “pitfalls” to be aware of when amping up your training routine. In this… Read more »

Finding “Traction” On Winter Trail Runs


Traction devices are essential accessories for many trail runners during chilly winter months. Icy and snowy conditions often make it difficult to run on trails without slipping or falling, even when wearing shoes with grippy tread. Traction devices, which come in a variety of forms such as removable or built-in cleats, metal studs or screws,… Read more »

12th Annual ElliptiGo World Championships & Rally Weekend Recap


This past Fall, the elliptical bike community descended on the epicenter of all-things ElliptiGO–Southern California’s headquarters in Solana Beach–for the 12th Annual ElliptiGO World Championships and Rally Weekend. The three-day gathering in late October included a competition, group rides, social gatherings, and an awards ceremony which showcased ElliptiGO enthusiasts from all over the world. The marquee… Read more »

Five Trail Running Tips from Dipsea Winner Mark Tatum

Trail Running Tips

One of the great attributes of the trail running community is the advice available to help a newbie improve their skills and confidence with every step and at every turn. As well, expert tips can be a good reminder for the seasoned veteran who may become stuck in a routine and simply needs a pick-me-up… Read more »

How To Use “Zone Training” With Coach Andrew Simmons

Zone Training

Understanding heart rate “zone training” can help you gauge your efforts and get the most out of your trail running training. Many trail runners may already be familiar with the concept of measuring heart rate during or after runs, but may not know the more complicated science behind what differentiates each heart rate “zone” and… Read more »

How to Transition to Trail Running

Written by Andrew Simmons for the Summer 2021 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Simmons is an avid trail runner and the Head Coach for Lifelong Endurance. Photo above: a youth mountain running race in Ambleside, UK – image by Jumpy James. Track and cross country are probably the two dynamics of running that high… Read more »

Using Snowshoes on the Sand for Fitness: There is No Off-Season


Written by Randy Philpotts for Snowshoe Magazine and republished here with permission. Photos: Randy Philpotts. To learn more about snowshoeing check out ATRA’s dedicated snowshoe page with a calendar of events, news and information about the U.S. Snowshoe National Championships at: To stay in incredible physical form during the snowshoeing off-season, you need to… Read more »

Neurological vs. Metabolic Training For Trail Running

Written by Stephen R. Santangelo for the Summer 2021 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Stephen has been in the fitness industry since 1979 and created his own specialty exercises & programs based upon the anthropological movement of the human body. Metabolic training is the most common and the most emphasized for any trail runner…. Read more »

Why Trail Runners Should Practice Feldenkrais®


The Feldenkrais Method® founded by Ukranian-Israeli physicist, Moshé Feldenkrais in the mid-20th century, is a form of exercise therapy that uses awareness of body movements to improve your physical and mental functioning. According to The Feldenkrais Educational Foundational of North America (FEFNA), “The Feldenkrais Method of somatic education uses gentle movement and directed attention to… Read more »

Transition from Winter to Spring Trail Running Training

Trail Running Training

Training article written by Stephen R. Santangelo for the Spring 2021 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Stephen has been in the fitness industry since 1979 and created his own specialty exercises & programs based upon the anthropological movement of the human body. Winter training is time to develop “aerobic capacity” (AC) which is a… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Active at Altitude’s Fall Trail Running Camp

Trail Running Camp

Earlier this month the Active at Altitude Fall Trail Running Camp was held in Estes Park, Colorado. This camp was six days focused on trail running, with expert coaching, interactive group trail runs, workshops on physiological training and mental training, floor or yoga session, video of running form, great food, camaraderie, and more. For newbies… Read more »

How To Build Strength to Improve Your Trail Running


Written by Hillary Osborne for the Fall 2020 issue of our Trail Times newsletter. Hillary is a NSCA certified personal trainer and strength coach with Lifelong Endurance. She is a Colorado resident and ultrarunner who runs for The Adrenalin Project.  Running is the best, right? You can spend hours grooving on that smooth single track…. Read more »

Four Reasons to Hire a Trail Running Coach


Written by Andrew Simmons for the fall 2020 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Andrew is the Head Coach for Lifelong Endurance. Working with a coach might seem like a privilege reserved for professional trail runners whose paychecks depend on their next performance, and an “over the top” purchase for runners that fall in the… Read more »

Catching up with Coach Andrew Simmons and Health Care Worker Dani Mead

Coach Andrew Simmons

Last Month, Lifelong Endurance and the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) staged a trail runner essay contest where the winner was awarded a free 90-day coaching package. Medical intensive care unit nurse Dani Mead (pictured below) from Aurora, Colorado, was the recipient of the package. In this article, Lifelong Endurance Coach Andrew Simmons catches up… Read more »

How ATRA Member ElliptiGO is Managing Business in the Coronavirus Era

Tayte Pollmann’s articles are supported by American Trail Running Association corporate member Nike Trail Running. You can follow Tayte’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you liked this article, read even more of Tayte’s articles on our website. ElliptiGO is an American Trail Running Association corporate member and has provided products free of charge…. Read more »

Trail Runner Product Review: KT Tape Pro

KT Tape Pro reviewed by American Trail Running Association (ATRA) advisory board member and Wisconsin trail runner Susan Kendrick. Susan is the Director of Sponsorship for the American Birkebeiner® Ski Foundation and was featured in our View from the Pack series of articles. This product was provided at no charge by KT Tape for this… Read more »