Grayson Murphy’s 2021 Training Log and Planner is Now Available

Written by 2019 World Mountain Running Champion and Saucony sponsored trail runner Grayson Murphy

I grew up playing competitive soccer but after my freshman year of college I found that my passion for the sport had died out. After transferring to a new school, I decided at the age of 19 to walk-on to my university’s track/cross-country team to make new friends and try out a new sport, and the rest is history! I graduated from the University of Utah as a 5x All-American and with my Civil Engineering degree in 2018 and then took the leap to begin my professional running career.

I currently run for Saucony and compete on all surfaces (mountain, track, road, and trail), which gives me a great sense of freedom, balance, and challenge. I consider myself lucky to be on the Some Work, All Play (SWAP) team and coached by the world-renowned Coach and everyone’s biggest fan, David Roche.

In my inaugural year on the trails and mountains in 2019, I won both the US and World Mountain Running Championship titles. Along the way I discovered a lifelong love of adventures and a passion for the mountains and outdoors. On the side I currently run my own small training log + planner making business where I hope to connect with others in sport on a deeper level to inspire a sense of adventure, value in mental health, and good stewardship of the planet.

Grayson Murphy

About Grayson Murphy’s Training Log and Planner

The training log and planner combo was born out of my desire to support the athlete and non-athlete parts of me equally, and to have a place where all of my important information was all in one place. In an effort to emphasize the fact that we are more than just our sport, these training logs include both a place to log and reflect on your training as well as space to keep track of all of your everyday meetings, appointments, to-do lists, and whatever else you might need to keep track of in your life!

The layout of this planner borrows from the bullet journal trend. At the beginning of each month you will see a habit tracker designed to help keep you on track with your daily goals. You will also see 2 DIY graphs that you can use to track miles, kilometers, hours, mood, meditation minutes, or whatever else is important to your training and life.

At the end of the day, this planner is here for you to fill its pages with all of the wonderful adventures that you have in sport and life. Perhaps most importantly, it’s here to remind you not to forget the little things and to keep working towards those goals, no matter how scary or far away they may seem.

Grayson Murphy

Top Features

I am very proud of the 2021 edition of this product and very excited to share every piece of it with you! With the help of my digital designer/configurator, Hannah Allred, the third year of production of this planner is our best work yet. A few of my favorite features include:

An Added Mental Health Focus

Mental health has been a topic I have and will continue to be outspoken about. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression, I know just how important it is to care for mental health as seriously as we care for our physical health. I have found that journaling and having a place to keep my life organized has really helped to cut down on my anxiety and give me some room to breathe.

In an effort to share the power of journaling, we have included monthly journal prompts in the 2021 training log + planner. These exercises are meant to be reflective, stress reducing, and can also be fun! My personal favorite includes a grounding exercise in the month of January to start the New Year off right. This grounding exercise is a written version of the exercise commonly used in meditation and has been very useful to me when I find myself being taken over by a wave of anxiety. I hope you can find some relief in these exercises as much as I do, and remember: your mental health matters!

Grayson Murphy

Habit Trackers and Goal Setting

Over the course of my running career I have come to learn that going after big goals can seem intimidating but if you break those big goals down into smaller bite-sized pieces you can surprise yourself. The habit trackers included at the beginning of each month are designed to help you build up those good little habits to help you accomplish some big goals. Whether it’s doing core for 5 minutes a day, getting in those glute exercises, taking your supplements, or walking the dog, the habit tracker is here to support you.

Next to the habit tracker for every month, you will also find a place to keep track of your monthly goals and to-do list, as well as a DIY graph. In these graphs I personally choose to keep track of the miles I run each day as well as hours of cross-training, which gives me an easy to read graphical representation of my training load. But, you can personalize these graphs to help you keep track of whatever it is that is important to you each day to help you stay on track to your goals. In addition, you can use the Race Day page to write down all of your upcoming races to help you stay motivated and remind you of the big goals that you have ahead!

Grayson Murphy

Total Customization

While running is my main activity of choice, I also see myself as an athlete who also participates in a variety of training activities. With that in mind, this training log has been designed to be completely customizable to you and whatever kind of athlete you are. Whether you are a runner, a skier, a cyclist, or maybe even a triathlete, this planner will work for you.

It doesn’t matter if you track your training in miles, kilometers, hours, or some other metric, you can choose! I wanted to give the users of this training log the freedom to choose how they want to track their training and to be able to track what is important to them. It is meant to be interactive and supportive and not force you into one box or another. We are all different and should be able to customize our training experience to honor those differences!

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