Five Trail Running Tips from Dipsea Winner Mark Tatum

One of the great attributes of the trail running community is the advice available to help a newbie improve their skills and confidence with every step and at every turn. As well, expert tips can be a good reminder for the seasoned veteran who may become stuck in a routine and simply needs a pick-me-up tidbit on which to focus during an upcoming adventure on the trails.

On a recent outing on the trails with 2021 Dipsea Race winner Mark Tatum, we talked not only about his experience at Dipsea, but peppered into the conversation were his top five tips for running on trails.

  • Choose footwear appropriate for the conditions and terrain.
  • Incorporate a mix of running, walking, and power hiking on steep uphills.
  • Pick a line and use it to navigate downhill sections.
  • Run the apex, and accelerate out of switchbacks.
  • Sometimes it’s easiest to jump over obstacles encountered on the trail.

These are excellent tips and I’m sure Mark incorporated all five on his way to victory at Dipsea.

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