Tayte Pollmann’s Top Five Mountain Outpost Videos

Since 2016, The Mountain Outpost Youtube channel, featuring Schuyler Hall and Jamil Coury, has produced some of the most popular and creative trail running-related videos. Over the years, the channel has published several creatively themed playlists including Mountain Outhouse News, Run Flat, Stay Low, wacky running-related challenges, a weekly live-streamed podcast, and much more. After watching way too many hours of their trail running videos, I’ve compiled a list of my top five Mountain Outpost videos and what makes them instant classics.

[HUMOR WARNING] Prepare yourself for ridiculous amounts of sugar consumption and trail running-related knowledge infused with quirky humor!

Video #1: How Do You Gu?
Shot at the GU headquarters in Berkeley, CA, Jamil and Schuyler consume absurd amounts of GU energy gels to demonstrate different techniques for consuming gels while running. Although there is some practical advice, the focus of this video is the humor and creative ways the duo come up with to “do your GU.” Some of my personal favorite techniques are “The Sipper,” “Teeth Squeegee,” and of course, “The Last Acts of a Desperate Man.” I don’t envy the sugar-crash these guys must have had after filming this video!

[PRO TIP] Be sure to also check out this GU-related video, WILL IT GU???

Video #2: How NOT to Pace a Runner
Jamil and Schuyler give tips on what not to do when pacing a runner in an ultramarathon and film on the historic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run course in Auburn, California. This video is the right balance of useful tips for pacers and entertaining silliness by Jamil and Schuyler. The video explains important pacing tips such as how pacers (as well as runners), need to respect the trail, rules on “muling,” and things you should know as a pacer to make sure you don’t accidentally disqualify your runner. Of course, any time Jamil and Schuyler are on camera together there will be comedy, which keeps this video fun and not just practical.

This video pokes fun at our trail running culture’s obsession with Strava record-chasing and what better way to do so than by filming Jamil and Schuyler attempt to break Strava records set by one of the fastest ultra trail runners of our time, Jim Walmsely. The video includes live interviews with Walmsley as Jamil and Schuyler chase his records. Walmsely’s commentary on their attempts is hilarious! The outtakes featured at the end of the video are also priceless humor. I won’t spoil if they’re able to crack any of the records, so be sure to watch and find out!

Video #4: What Ultrarunners Used to Do
In this video, you’ll learn about some of the strangest old school ultrarunning training methods and watch as Schuyler and Jamil test out these methods firsthand. Cola syrup? Honey and bourbon? Nothing is too crazy for these guys to try! Renowned race director for The Barkley Marathons, Lazarus Lake, provides his personal favorite old school training method, which is one not to miss. This video will leave you with great laughs and if you remember one thing…Schuyler doesn’t like baby food!

Video #5: STOCKING STUFFER Challenge
A list of the top Mountain Outpost videos wouldn’t be complete without including one of their iconic trail running related “challenges.” The “challenge” concept began with the channel’s first video, MYSTERY DROP BAG CHALLENGE. This “Stocking Stuffer Challenge” builds upon the same format as the original challenge and involves Jamil and Schuyler racing with superstar athletes Caroline Burckle, Hunter McIntyre and Rory Bosio while drawing Christmas-themed challenges from a stocking upon every loop of the course. Challenges include drinking eggnog, wearing Christmas ornaments, building a gingerbread house, eating Christmas cookies and much more! If you like this challenge video, be sure to watch some of their other classic challenges, such as the CHIPOTLE CHALLENGE! and DONUT CHALLENGE!

Want to learn more about Mountain Outpost co-host Schuyler Hall and their future video projects? Read my recent interview with Schuyler.

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