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Tayte Pollmann’s Top Five Mountain Outpost Videos

Mountain Outpost

Since 2016, The Mountain Outpost Youtube channel, featuring Schuyler Hall and Jamil Coury, has produced some of the most popular and creative trail running-related videos. Over the years, the channel has published several creatively themed playlists including Mountain Outhouse News, Run Flat, Stay Low, wacky running-related challenges, a weekly live-streamed podcast, and much more. After… Read more »

Announcing Our New Video Series: The Ridgeline


Welcome to the Ridgeline, a new video series from the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) sharing tips and techniques for trail runners of all ability levels. This video series will also feature stories of hope, motivation, and determination to support our 2021 theme – Resilience. Our audience can look forward to Ridgeline interviews with elite… Read more »