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One-Trick Trail Runners Beware

One-trick trail runners beware. Many of us set goals based on what we’re good at and pursue these to exhaustion. Some examples: I’m an uphill specialist. I run 100-milers. I run road marathons. I run track. I only run trails that are smooth as butter. Others might set goals based on particular events or challenges… Read more »

The Inaugural Trail Team Selection Announcement

Look out trail running world, six incredible young up-and-coming athletes have been selected for The Trail Team, and they are ready to compete with the best in the world. The Trail Team, a mentorship program for the rising talent in trail running, was founded in 2023 by Andy Wacker, four-time trail national champion and two-time… Read more »

Going “All In” With Western States 100 Champion Andrew Miller

As a writer for the American Trail Running Association (ATRA), I’ve had the incredible opportunity to interview runners from all walks of life and learn about many ways in which people discover and appreciate trail running. I enjoy the ability to ask questions that get to the heart of who people are. Everyday conversations and… Read more »

Magdalena Boulet – Running With Curiosity Towards A Crossroads

Magdalena Boulet has found meaning and success through running in ways that few other runners have. Boulet has been competing at the highest levels of running for over twenty years across a variety of disciplines including collegiate track and field, road marathons, and trail/mountain/ultra and adventure racing. Her secret is not as much about talent… Read more »

How To Be a Trail Running Fan

Go Patriots! Go 49ers! Go Buccaneers! Go Broncos (yes the Broncos could use all the help they can get)! Did you find yourself silently cheering with me? Or against me? Did you put on the NFL jersey of your choice to show where your allegiances lie? Or simply put on the jersey that your family… Read more »

Bhutan’s Snowman Race Raises Climate Change Awareness – PART 2

Sarah Keyes

Continued from Part 1 of Bhutan’s Snowman Race Raises Climate Change Awareness. “I found all my expectations surpassed.” — Sarah Keyes, Snowman Race participant, Eastern Mountain Endurance coach, ATRA advisory board member and professional runner. After a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, The inaugural Snowman Race was held successfully on October 13, 2022…. Read more »

Andrew Drummond Inspires Trail Running and Ski Adventuring in New England

Andrew Drummond, the unofficial “FKT (Fastest Known Time) Guide” for the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is building community and inspiring adventure in the East Coast trail running and backcountry ski scene. Drummond is a backcountry and ski mountaineering (skimo) athlete who converts to trail running in the summer. He has competed internationally in trail… Read more »

Gear and Nutrition Advice From Ultrarunning Legend Michael Wardian

When it comes to ultramarathon trail races, your race day performance will be influenced not only by your fitness and training, but also by your nutrition and gear choices. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the race (or more adventurous the route), the more benefit you’ll have from creating race-specific nutrition and gear… Read more »

A Discussion Of Third Party Certification With Gnarly Nutrition’s Dr. Shannon O’Grady

There is a growing market for nutrition supplements in trail running, which brings an increased need for understanding how to most effectively (and safely) use these products. A few of the most common dietary supplements used by trail runners include protein powders, collagen, caffeine pills, beetroot powder/juice, pre-workout blends, and BCAA powders. These products are… Read more »

In The Right Time And Place At The US Trail Running Conference

A ferryboat foghorn sounds its warning on the Puget Sound not once but three times. Each blast with timing more impeccable than the last. The first brings comic relief to myself and other attendees at the opening ceremony of the tenth annual US Trail Running Conference, a conference geared toward event directors and those dedicated… Read more »

Craft Sportswear Pushes the Envelope With New Carbon Plate Trail Shoe

ATRA member Craft Sportswear has recently joined a small, but growing number of brands who are manufacturing carbon plated trail running shoes. As of October 2022, Hoka One One, Nike, Saucony, Adidas Terrex, Speedland, The North Face and Craft Sportswear offer shoes with carbon plate technology. In recent years, carbon plates have become a necessary… Read more »

Indian American Aum Gandhi’s Road To The Moab 240

Aum Gandhi, Indian-American and professional athlete sponsored by Merrell, is a voice for positive energy and overcoming challenges in trail running and life. Gandhi will be taking on one of his greatest running challenges, his first 200-plus mile race, the Moab 240, which will be held in the mountains and deserts surrounding Moab, UT, on… Read more »

Trail Runners’ Pre-Race Rituals and Superstitions

Rituals and Superstitions

How do YOU prepare on race day? There are many established traditions and practices that running coaches and teams prescribe to runners during race-week or even in the final minutes before race start. These can include a large spaghetti dinner (high school or college cross country runners may be very familiar with this classic pre-race… Read more »