Behind the Scenes: Active at Altitude’s Fall Trail Running Camp

Earlier this month the Active at Altitude Fall Trail Running Camp was held in Estes Park, Colorado. This camp was six days focused on trail running, with expert coaching, interactive group trail runs, workshops on physiological training and mental training, floor or yoga session, video of running form, great food, camaraderie, and more. For newbies to trail running, or experienced trail runners, this camp was designed to ignite a persons natural response to trail running, connecting with nature and how incredibly alive and joyful this can make participants feel.

In response to the global pandemic, this camp followed CDC coronavirus guidelines to protect protect the small number of participants from COVID-19. Active at Altitude also own their own accommodations so they can ensure all surfaces are sanitized and that campers adhere to their Camp COVID Protocols.

This camp was held in partnership with the American Trail Running Association (ATRA), and participants received a one-year ATRA membership.

Trail Running Camp

In 2019, I worked as an assistant coach for both the spring and fall camps, a role I continued this year. While attending Active at Altitude camps, participants learn running tips and techniques, practice positive thinking, learn about sustainable training, enjoy great food and camaraderie, and find out about the latest gear, shoes, hydration and more.

See the videos below for an inside look into one of the nation’s top trail running camps and try out the core and strength routines I designed for this camp.

Core Routine

Listed below is the core routine I created for the Active at Altitude Fall Camp:

  • Plank (1 min)
  • Side Plank (30 sec per side)
  • Reverse Plank (1 min)
  • Crab Toe Touch (30 sec)
  • Out and Up Plank (30 sec)
  • Marching Reverse Plank (30 sec)
  • Seesaw Plank (30 Sec)
  • Down Dog Toe Touches (30 sec)

Strength Routine

Listed below is the strength routine I created for the Active at Altitude Fall Camp:

  • Around the Clock Squat (1 min)
  • Runner’s Touch (1 min)
  • Bulgarian Squat (1 min)
  • Squat Hold (30 sec +10 raise and lower)
  • Calf Raises (30 sec)
  • Step Ups (30 sec)
  • Side Step Ups (30 sec)
  • Single Leg Hold (30 sec)

Are you ready to attend a running camp? See what’s coming at Active at Altitude or browse our national directory of trail running camps.

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