Top 4 Takeaways from the Active at Altitude Fall Trail Running Camp

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Last week I helped coach runners at the Active at Altitude Fall Trail Running Camp in Estes Park, Colorado. The goal of this camp was best summarized by camp director Terry Chiplin, “it’s for people who want to learn about trail running through expert education and interactive runs in one of the most scenic trail running locations in the United States.”

The camp included a wide range of activities scheduled each morning to evening, including hikes and runs in Rocky Mountain National Park, running-form workshops, core and strength training sessions, inspirational movie nights and much more. Listed below are my takeaways from last week’s camp and why you should consider signing up for an Active at Altitude Trail Running Camp.

Camp director Terry Chiplin conducting running form analysis.

Trail Run Smarter:
This camp helps you become a smarter runner by teaching you about proper running form. You receive expert advice on how to improve your running form with two running-form workshops, as well as an uphill/downhill running clinic. The camp also teaches you about the main principles of the widely accepted Lydiard training methodology. Coaches from all over the world have adopted Lydiard training principles since the 1960s. You will leave the camp feeling more confident in your ability to train in smart and sustainable ways.

Practice Mindfulness:
This camp helps you develop practices to cultivate mindfulness. Camp director, Terry Chiplin, has a degree in sports psychology and has developed a guided meditation app for athletes called activacuity. Practicing mindfulness can help make your runs and races more enjoyable. You will learn to overcome mental barriers and do things you never thought possible.

Campers hit the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Explore Beautiful Colorado:
One of the best parts of Active at Altitude Trail Running camps is the location. Held in scenic Estes Park, Colorado, campers stay in a mountain lodge, which has wonderful views of the Rocky Mountains from every window. Campers will likely encounter a variety of wildlife on the scheduled hikes and runs. Expect to see elk (we did!), deer, marmots, hummingbirds, and much more. Campers will also have time to explore downtown Estes Park and do some shopping or enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a pastry.

Make Trail Friends:
The best part of this trail running camp is the amazing people you will meet. Campers come from all across the United States and even overseas. This camp included campers from New Zealand, Florida, California and Colorado. You may leave the camp sad to say goodbye to your new friends, but many campers stay in touch and arrange plans to meet again.

Make life long friends on the trails!

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