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Joe McConaughy On Mentoring Trail Running’s Next Rising Stars

Joe McConaughy

Joe McConaughy is looking to empower the next generation of ultrarunners. McConaughy, an ultrarunning and fastpacking coach at TheStringBean and accomplished trail runner sponsored by Columbia Montrail, is teaming up with some of the sport’s top coaches to develop a Sub-Elite Trail Running Scholarship program. This scholarship aims to give mentorship and coaching guidance to… Read more »

Four Reasons to Hire a Trail Running Coach


Written by Andrew Simmons for the fall 2020 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Andrew is the Head Coach for Lifelong Endurance. Working with a coach might seem like a privilege reserved for professional trail runners whose paychecks depend on their next performance, and an “over the top” purchase for runners that fall in the… Read more »

Coaches and Camps for Trail Runners

As trail runners, we often look for ways to improve our training, racing performance or general enjoyment on the trails. Whether you are a beginner training for your first trail race, trying to get your daily nutrition dialed in for long runs, or even an elite athlete attempting to qualify for a U.S. National Team,… Read more »