Frontline Healthcare Worker Awarded Lifelong Endurance Coaching Package

We’re proud to announce that medical intensive care unit nurse Dani Mead from Aurora, Colorado, is the winner of our coaching essay contest. Dani is a self-described beginner trail running enthusiast who also enjoys skiing, traveling and rock climbing. She also admits to being a bit of a goof ball but is ready to take her trail running training seriously so she can see some real results.

Lifelong Endurance and the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) recently staged a trail runner essay contest where the winner would get a free 90-day coaching package. Sixteen ATRA members from nine states and ranging in age from 24 to 69 sent in submissions where they wrote about why they needed a trail running coach and what it would mean to them to win.

These past couple months Dani has been working on the front-line of the coronavirus pandemic at the University of Colorado Hospital’s COVID ICU. In awarding Dani this coaching opportunity, we applaud her enthusiasm for trail running and thank her for working to save lives, flatten the curve and make us all safer.

Here are the three reasons Dani gave for wanting a 90-day trail running coaching package from Colorado based Lifelong Endurance:

  1. I need to improve my form and I really want to ace the basics of trail running. I need someone to critique my form and help me find ways/exercises to improve my technique. Let’s just say there’s a lot of room for improvement.
  2. I currently feel stuck in my current training regimen and I feel like I’m not making any progress or improvement. I’m not sure how to modify my current routine and I definitely need guidance and support to help me through this daily struggle. I’m losing motivation and I would love a fresh start.
  3. A customized training plan would be amazing! Most run groups around the metro area complete their long runs and training on days/times that I’m usually working. I’ll be working the night shift for the next couple of years and I need a training plan that accommodates my work schedule.

Dani has met with Lifelong Endurance coach and founder Andrew Simmons to get her program underway and we will follow her progress throughout the next three months. Here’s what Dani had to say upon learning she’d won our coaching essay contest.

I can’t express how excited and thankful I am to start this 90-day coaching program. Thank you again for selecting me as the recipient – I can’t wait to see my transformation in the coming months! I grew up in Colorado Springs, but I’ve lived near the Denver area for the past 10 years.

I have spent the last six years working in healthcare and this summer will mark my two-year anniversary as an RN. My home unit is the MICU (medical intensive care unit), but I am currently working full-time nights in the COVID ICU. In my spare time, I love to venture out to trail run, mountain bike, ski, hike and backpack through the Rocky Mountains. I’m thankful to call such a beautiful state my home.

My fitness level has decreased over the last few years, but I am ready to make some big changes. My trail running has been mostly recreational, but I would love to improve my abilities and become competitive in racing. I can’t wait to start working with Coach Andrew and his team at Lifelong Endurance and the amazing team at the American Trail Running Association.