World Snowshoe Federation – Call for Officer Nominations

With over 80 snowshoe races in our 2018/19 calendar, the American Trail Running Association is a strong supporter snow running & snowshoe racing; sports with strong crossover in the mountain, ultra and trail running community. ATRA President Adam Chase, ATRA Secretary Brandy Erholtz and ATRA Director of Marketing Richard Bolt are all current members of the US Snowshoe Racing Board of Regional Representatives. Richard Bolt was the race director for the 2013 & 2017 US National Snowshoe Championships in Bend, Oregon. The following letter was reprinted here with permission.

Attention at Snowshoe Running/Racing Enthusiasts,

2019 is an election year for the officers of the World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) and the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are now open for nominations. The current WSSF officers in these vital roles have done a wonderful job promoting the Sport of Snow Running and Snowshoe Racing around the world during their terms. Just this season, the WSSF has accepted new memberships from organizations in Norway, Argentina, and Nepal. The current WSSF officers are:

  • WSSF President – Monika Owczarek of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
  • WSSF Vice President – March Schwam of Marblehead, MA (USA)
  • WSSF Secretary – Andrew Snook of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
  • WSSF Treasurer – Andrew Dunn of (Canada)

Anyone interested in learning more about these roles, or submitting a nomination (please make sure your nominee is willing to accept the nomination before you submit the nomination), may contact Mark Elmore at Mark is a past WSSF President and current WSSF committee member. Elections will take place at the end of the 2018-2019 season in March-April-May 2019.

The WSSF coordinates and assists snowshoe racing events around the globe each season. The vast majority of the day to day WSSF business is conducted by email. The WSSF does conduct its’ annual Congress Meeting during the annual WSSF World Snowshoe Championships events, which rotate around the globe each year. The WSSF also sanctions and coordinates the annual WSSF European Continental Snowshoe Championship and the annual North American Continental Snowshoe Championship. Currently, any travel associated with attending meetings or events is at the expense of the WSSF officers. Travel to events is not absolutely required. The WSSF is still a small young organization that is growing rapidly, thanks in large part to the exceptional volunteer team of officers currently presiding. Fund raising is a critical component to future development of the Federation as is earning recognition by the International Olympic Committee and it’s associated affiliates.

If you are passionate about running, snowshoe running/racing, the out-of-doors and winter endurance sports, perhaps there’s a role for you in the WSSF? The WSSF is looking for dedicated volunteers willing to invest time and effort in continuing the excellent progress that has been made since 2010. Officers complete a two year term. It is our true belief and ultimate objective that, one day, athletes will walk into the Opening Ceremonies of a Winter Olympiad representing their country and the Sport of Snowshoe Racing! Be a part of that history!

I standby ready to field any questions you might have. We also hope you will assist us in spreading the word about this wonderful opportunity to play a role in charting the history and progress of our Sport! Thank you!

Mark Elmore
US Snowshoe Association Sports Director
WSSF Past President

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