World Masters Mountain Running Championships 2023 in the paradise island of Madeira

Press release from the World Mountain Running Association sharing news of the 2023 World Masters Mountain Running Championships.

Madeira, Portugal – The World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) announces that the highly anticipated 22nd World Masters Mountain Running Championship will be hosted on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place from September 15-17, and will showcase the remarkable talent and endurance of masterful mountain runners from around the globe.

Madeira is no stranger to international mountain running competitions, having hosted the European Mountain Running Championships in 2002 and 2015 and the European Masters Championship in 2020.

World Masters Mountain Running Championships: The Location

With its breathtaking landscapes, challenging terrains, and world-class hospitality, Madeira serves as the perfect backdrop for this thrilling competition. Renowned for its rugged mountains, stunning vistas, and lush greenery, Madeira promises an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

The races will be held on the sunnier part of the island in the municipality of Calheta, located on the south western shore of the island. This area is known for its nature and great weather.

World Masters Mountain Running Championships: The Races

This year the World Masters Championship adopts a new two race format, one for the Classic Uphill race, with an approximate length of 9km, and another for the Long Distance race, with an approximate length of 32km.

Uphill Race: Spanning a distance of 9.2 kilometers with an astounding 800 meters of elevation gain, this race will push athletes to conquer steep inclines, demanding their utmost strength and determination. Participants will navigate through the island’s awe-inspiring landscapes, showcasing both their endurance and technical skills.

Long Distance Race: Covering an impressive distance of 32.4 kilometers with an elevation gain of 1151 meters, this grueling race will push athletes to their limits. As they traverse challenging terrains and conquer steep ascents and descents, runners will experience the full majesty of Madeira’s natural beauty.

Race profile info can be found here.

World Masters Mountain Running Championships: Registration

The races are open to all runners between 35 and 79 years of age and are organized by the World Mountain Running Association in collaboration with the Madeira Athletics Association, World Masters Athletics and World Athletics.

All athletes aged 35 to 79 years old, registered with their National Athletics Federations, and that are not punished or suspended by National or International Federations, are eligible to participate in the competition. There will be no limit of participants.

Registrations will be made through the Lap2Go platform, on the official events website.

• From June 01 to July 31 – 50€ per athlete
• From August 01 to August 15 – 55€ per athlete

Athletes participating in both, Uphill and Long Distance races, will benefit from a discount on the second race, as follows:

• From June 01 to August 15 – 30€ per athlete for the second race

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