Western States Trekker – Day 5 – Foresthill to the River Crossing

This morning the trekker team was privileged to have Ann Trason join for the journey from Foresthill to the River Crossing. The 16 mile journey was completed in 5:57:07 (including breaks), descended 3500’ with 1100’ of climbing.


Our team photographer Myke Hermsmeyer strapped on the ultimate camera – the trekker backpack – for the first mile of the trail. When the street view imagery is published in August look for an easter egg in the panoramic photos near the corner of California Street and Lowe Street in Foresthill.

New trekker team member Jon Souliere took the 50 pound back-pack from Myke and hiked it all the way to Peachstone (Cal 2) aid station. Our mobile support van driver Matt Hook caught a lucky break while loading a pack of supplies to hike down to the aid station when the property owner drove up. After a short conversation the owner generously opened the gate and let Matt drive down to meet the team – awesome!


After some photos, rest and resupply at Peachstone, the team passed the trekker to JP Donovan for the next section of trail. Just out of Peachstone the team was passed by 2 riders on horseback preparing to support runners at this Saturday’s Western States race. Look for this in the street view imagery – the 2nd switchback below the aid station.

JP carried the trekker up the hot, steep climb near Ford’s Bar and passed the trekker to Chris Streeter at race mile 74. Chris powered on following the trail just above the river with views of rapids and rafters enjoying the cool water below. Look for river rafters in the street view images near race mile 76.


When the team arrived at the River Crossing the trekker dipped his toes in the water and paused the image collection. Tomorrow we’ll re-start image collection on the far side of the river.


The whole trekker team joined Ann Trason for a cold, refreshing dip in the river while team member Jon Souliere took a photo-sphere image from as far out into the fast moving current as he dared. Look for this photo when the street view imagery is published in August.


You can see the GPS track at: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move111023387

See more photos from today’s trek here: https://goo.gl/photos/kNCV3x9YD5abFEVA8

Special thanks to our trekker project supporters: Salomon Running, Trail Run Project, VFuel, Picky Bar, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, iRunFar, The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Visit Placer, Auburn Endurance Capital of the World, Foresthill Miner’s Camp and Myke Hermsmeyer Photography.

Tomorrow the trekker team will be leaving Foresthill at 7:00 AM enroute to Green Gate to image race miles 78 to No Hands Bridge. See you on the trail! #WesternStatesTrekker

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