The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Everything You Need to Know About Equipment, Finding Trails, Nutrition, Hill Strategy, Racing, Training, Weather

by Adam W. Chase and Nancy Hobbs
Paperback with color photos

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The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, a how to book on this growing sport from two individuals deeply passionate about the activity as competitors and administrators.

Adam W. Chase is an accomplished ultrarunner, snowshoe racer, adventure athlete, and father of two living in Boulder, Colorado where he is a partner in a law firm. Chase frequently writes product reviews and articles about trail running for national magazines including Trail Runner, Ultrarunner, and Inside Mountain Athletics and he is the president of the All American Trail Running Association.

Nancy Hobbs has been running trails and directing running events since the mid-80s and her articles and photographs have been published in magazines including Trail Runner and Runner’s World. She is the founder and executive director of the All American Trail Running Association, a council member of the World Mountain Running Association and chair of the USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Council.

This book is a valuable resource for trail runners of all abilities, in all places, and with interests that range from running trails as part of their training for adventure races or high school cross country to competing in ultra-distance trail races, to taking on an endeavor like running the entire Appalachian, Muir Woods, or Continental Divide Trail. In writing this book, we have drawn on our combined experiences and solicited the advice and expertise of our many contributors. It has been a rewarding experience to interview some of the top trail runners and experts in fields such as nutrition, sports physiology, environmental sciences, and even animal health. We have learned a lot in writing this book and hope that our lessons come through to you.

The book is published by The Lyons Press

Adam Chase

Adam Chase

Nancy Hobbs

Nancy Hobbs