Trails Are For Every Body – Meet Ayako Sawanobori

The following profile is a part of our Trails Are For Every Body Instagram series produced by ATRA board member Kriste Peoples.

As you may already know, ATRA celebrates trail athletes at every level of engagement and ability, and because the Trails Are For Every Body, we’re sharing the profiles of trail enthusiasts you might not otherwise know.

“I love really long day hikes, like Rim2Rim in the Grand Canyon and Half Dome summit in Yosemite.

Being on the trails is a huge stress reliever and helps me reconnect with myself & the earth, which really grounds me (literally & figuratively!). I have a stressful job & a fast-paced life…being out in nature helps slow everything down so I can recenter myself.

I believe the trails are for every body because we were all born on this earth. The trails don’t discriminate; they don’t know how fast we are, what we look like, how old we are, what are abilities are, or what we think.

Any discrimination or assumptions were created solely by us humans. I truly believe that no matter who we are, we can benefit from getting outside, as long as we respect Mother Nature & the Native lands we recreate in.”

Thank you, Ayako!

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Ayako Sawanobori lives in San Francisco, California.

Photo: Ayako Sawanobori

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