Trails Are For Every Body – Hope Barrett

The following profile is a part of our Trails Are For Every Body Instagram series produced by ATRA board member Kriste Peoples.

The American Trail Running Association (ATRA) celebrates trail running athletes at all levels of engagement and ability, and because the Trails Are For Every Body, each week we’re sharing the profiles of trail enthusiasts you might not otherwise know. If you’ve been enjoying these profiles, let us know! And if you’re an everyday trail running enthusiast who’d like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear from you, as well!

Meet Hope Barrett whose favorite trail activity is running in the greater Chicago area – and beyond.

“Trail running has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. I find trail running both therapeutic and energizing. Also, I love the sights, sounds, and smells I encounter when I’m trail running. I love the fact that so many of my senses are stimulated! It’s hard to “zone out” on the trail because my senses are actively engaged.

“I believe the trails are for everybody because you can walk, hike, run, or bike at your own pace. There are trails to accommodate just about every level of skill and intensity out there, and I love to explore them as often as possible.”

Thank you, Hope for sharing your trail love story with us!

If you’d like to share your trail love story, we want to hear from you!

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