Trail Tip Tuesday – Safely Run on Snow & Ice

Hello trail runners! It’s #TrailTipTuesday brought to you by ATRA member Vasque Footwear and trail running pro Jason Poole.  It’s still winter out there in trail running land so this week Jason has tips for running safely on snow & ice.

Jason Poole shredding freshies while keeping the dry side up.

“To safely run on snow & ice, try these suggestions: use a traction device like MICROspikes® or 3/8″ hex-head sheet metal screws (size #8) screwed into the outsole of your shoes; choose a path through fresh snow rather than ice or packed snow; shorten your running stride; and if needed, slow down and walk. Better to be safe than slip and fall.”

Jason Poole in his natural winter habitat.

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Jason Poole on Bergen Peak in Colorado.

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