Trail Runner’s Shoe Review: inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270

inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270 shoe review by American Trail Running Association (ATRA) advisory board member and Wisconsin trail runner Susan Kendrick. Susan is the Director of Sponsorship for the American Birkebeiner® Ski Foundation and was featured in our View from the Pack series of articles.

[TL;DR] The TERRAULTRA G 270 – insanely sticky traction and comfort over the longest miles.

For the ultra inside of every runner.
Imagine what this shoe, designed to handle hundreds of ultra trail running miles, could do for you. The TERRAULTRA G 270 evolved from its predecessor, the TERRAULTRA G 260, which won multiple awards, including Best Trail Running Shoe 2018 by Runner’s World UK.

Now it’s got even more grip, more cushioning, and more comfort, and still this ultra-lightweight ride weighs in at only 270 grams average across the size curve. inov-8 ramped up every feature so you can run long and light on tough terrain.

inov-8 Shoe Review

If they can run this, they can run anything.
inov-8 shoes are researched, designed, tested, and pushed to the limit on the fells of the British Lake District (UK). If you’re not familiar with this terrain, it’s where trail runners attack hundreds of miles of mountain climbs and descents, much of the time on nothing but scree — loose rocks that slip and slide under every footfall — often getting down the mountain faster than you do.

And, while the largest study ever done on the sport of ultra running reports a 345% increase in participants over the last 10 years alone running distances farther than a marathon, the rest of us still want to the hardest-working most comfortable shoes to make the most of our miles, too, right? This shoe is ready to partner with any runner over miles of diverse terrain in comfort.

Nobel Prize-winning grip and more.
Check out the technology packed into this super comfortable, lightweight shoe:

  • Pioneering use of Graphene-Grip, inov-8 is the only brand in the world to use the Nobel Prize-winning material in sports footwear and has a patent pending on the technology.
  • New POWERFLOW MAX midsole foam delivers 20% more energy return and retains its optimum cushioning levels for twice as long as its predecessor.
  • Improved outsole flex grooves to aid long-lasting sticky traction.
  • New BOOMERANG insole boasts a 40% increase in energy return versus the previous footbed.
  • ADAPTERFIT technology in the upper works with the foot to adapt to any swelling or changes in terrain and improve overall comfort.

What’s it like on the trail?
If looks can be deceiving, this shoe is the master of disguise. It is so streamlined—all functionality and fit—without any of the bulk you might expect in a shoe designed for such big miles. It is light and responsive while also making you feel confident covering each turn in the trail.

It also feels like a shoe that would be a great fit on a wide range of runners. The tongue is a thin, firm sheath that gives the shoe a secure yet sock-like feel. The toe box is ample, not overly generous but roomy enough for those who want a little more space and for when the miles add up and your foot naturally expands. Plus, the toe box it’s pliable enough to make it comfortable on hills but also completely protective on roots and rocks.

The heel is a neat pocket, again stiff enough to be supportive over the long haul but comfortable for a great ride right out of the box. The shoe also “moves” with you without feeling loose or like you want to snug in somewhere along your foot. The whole shoe feels like one continuous unit, as single-minded in purpose as you are.

And the grip is REAL. On all kinds of surfaces, go ahead and literally push this shoe to see what it will do. I even set up a “grip lab” on my property to test various surfaces, wet and dry, from rocks to grass—the shoe literally tore up the grass—good sign! The Graphene-Grip has you covered, from your local trails where you train to all those destination races on your list.

inov-8 Shoe Review

Not just for the mountains.
Whether your slippery slope is mountains and hillsides of scree or the rocks, roots, pine needles, and grass where you run every day, the inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270 is ready for the miles you dish out.

[Editor’s Note] The shoes for this review were provided at no charge by American Trail Running Association corporate member inov-8.

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