Switch Eyewear sunglasses for trail running

Sunglasses are essential for outdoor athletes and should be included in every trail runner’s repertoire. Therefore, it is important to find a pair that performs well in any number of conditions — sunshine, glare, wind, dust and blowing debris, and glare. With so many different brands on the market, it can be a daunting task to pick the pair that meets every trail runner’s requirements. Switch Eyewear offers a fantastic product – a favorite is the H-Wall – and gets a resounding thumbs-up review for a number of reasons.

Of course the number one concern of any sunglass should be the quality of the lens, one that protects from harmful UV rays. According to Anthony P. DiChiara, president and CEO of Switch Vision LLC, Switch offers not only the best polarized, sports performance and specialty lenses available anywhere on the market, but the best sun reader and Rx lenses, too.

For athletic performance, weight and comfort are key. A heavy pair of sunglasses, or a pair that has a poor fit or design, may cause a trail runner to ditch sunglasses completely. Even when the sun is blocked by clouds, UV rays are present and eyes must be protected. For trail runs lasting more than a few hours, it is quite possible that the lighting outdoors may change or that terrain includes heavily forested areas as well as open meadows and trails. When the sunglass is not required, it is imperative to have a frame which is lightweight and easily rides on the crown of a runner’s head, or can be stored in a pack or jacket pocket. Switch offers a comfortable, durable, lightweight frame which folds up easily for storage.

One of the great advantages of Switch is that it has a fantastic interchangeable lens system. Forget struggles with flimsy frames and lens systems which require full-page instructions to walk a user through changing lenses. Switch has the world’s only patented magnetic interchange lens system that makes changing lenses a breeze. This is a great asset for ultrarunners during a long-distance race (ie: 50 mile/100 mile) who want to change lenses “on the run” when light conditions change, or at aid stations where drop bags are located. Imagine no fumbling. These lenses can be “switched” on the fly, saving time for the racer.

How is this done? Switch uses high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame to enable users to swap lenses quickly and easily. Best of all, Switch lenses are fully Rx’able and specialty lenses are available.

According to DiChiara, magnetic interchange lens technology is a quantum leap forward and opens up a whole new category in sunwear. This user agrees. Check out the Switch product line at this link.

Article by Nancy Hobbs – Executive Director, American Trail Running Association