“Run Wild” – World Athletics Webinar on Mountain & Trail Races

Announcement from World Athletics. Founded in 1912, World Athletics fulfills the need for a world governing authority, for a competition program, for standardized technical equipment and for a list of official world records.

This World Athletics webinar features fourteen leaders in the sports of mountain, ultra and trail running including Americans David Callahan (UltraSignup), Terry Chiplin (US Trail Running Conference) and Richard Bolt (USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Running). Tune in on Wednesday, November 3rd at 1:30pm Central European Time (CET). REGISTER for free at:


Broken Arrow Skyrace VK

Darren Thomas (USA). Photo: Peter Maksimow.

Running off-road provides an immersive experience in the heart of natural landscapes. From mountains to ocean coasts, deserts to forests, it’s a sporting practice that reconnects humans to their deepest nature. In its racing form, it’s been enjoying many years of unstoppable growth, with its own ecosystem of host regions, pro athletes, sponsors, event promoters, umbrella associations and championships. But there’s more to trails than just racing – it’s a culture, a way of life, an economic sector that majorly intersects the tourism and sport apparel industries, and it’s a key driver of the discourse around sport and the environment.

Join World Athletics for this Zoom webinar on Wednesday 3 November at 13:30 CET (07:30 New York, 18:00 Delhi, 20:30 Singapore) to get updates on the sport’s global competitions, to learn about its economics, and hear from the experts where this is all going.


PROGRAM (all times CET and approximate)

13:30 – Welcome & housekeeping

13:04 – The economic and social impact of a major trail running event
Catherine Poletti – President, UTMB Group

13:30 – Charting off-road running’s global growth trajectories
Diego Zarba – Managing Partner, Patagonia Eventos
Richard Bolt – Mountain & Trail Running Team Leader, USATF
Clark Gardner – President, Otter African Trail Run
Janet Ng – President, International Trail Running Association

13:57 – Updates on the World Mountain & Trail Running Championships Chiang Mai
Thapanee Kiatphaibool, Executive Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand
Hilary Walker – Secretary General, International Association of Ultrarunners

14:15 – The World Championships of the future: hosting opportunities
Mark Hurst – Bidding Manager, World Athletics

14:30 – Continental events: the new European Off-Road Championships
Ede Rutkovszky – Competition & Anti-Doping Coordinator, European Athletics

14:45 – Mountain Running: the WMRA World Cup
Jonathan Wyatt – President, World Mountain Running Association

15:00 – ITRA and its services for national athletics federations
Janet Ng – President, International Trail Running Association
José Santos – Vice-president & Managing Director, ITRA

15:15 – The economics of a pro trail running team
Laurent Ardito – Manager, Team ASICS Trail

15:35 – Sustainability Matters: The “Trail Net to Zero” project
Terry Chiplin – Event Director, US Trail Running Conference
David Callahan – Partner, UltraSignup

15:55 – Wrap-up and goodbye

Moderated by Chris Robb, Founder and CEO, Mass Participation World.

Grayson Murphy

Grayson Murphy (USA). Photo: Marco Gulberti.

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