Welcome RaidLight presenting partner of our new View from the Pack articles

We’re proud to announce RaidLight as the presenting partner of our newly launched View from the Pack series of articles. Starting in May, we’ll publish stories that recognize and celebrate trail race volunteers and trail runners who have dedicated themselves as everyday athletes to grow trail running in their community.  These View from the Pack articles are presented by RaidLight and will be featured in Trail News.

“We are delighted to partner with RaidLight to help us recognize true grassroots athletes and weekend warriors,” said our Executive Director Nancy Hobbs. “So often, stories from athletes who reach the finish line long after the podium is awarded go unnoticed. Through monthly articles, we hope to change this and celebrate their achievements, and help inspire others to get out and enjoy the trails. We’ll also feature stories from race volunteers who spend countless hours on the trails supporting runners, while contributing to a successful experience for each and every competitor.”

Adam Harmon, with RaidLight North America, said, “We are excited to partner with the American Trail Running Association to recognize core, everyday members of the trail running community. The sport we love would not be where it is today without the dedication given by so many individuals that go unrecognized. As a company founded by and made of trail runners we know the grit, determination, and sacrifices it can take to continuing doing what you love. We want to hear your stories and recognize you for your dedication to our sport.”

Our president Adam Chase added, “RaidLight has been a premier trail running and adventure brand in its native Europe and ATRA welcomes both the company and its fine products to the US, especially when the brand is willing to support the everyday runner, recognizing that trail running is not just a sport of the elites. ATRA is grateful for RaidLight’s generosity and support and we look forward to working with the company as it grows a strong American following.”

If you would like to nominate someone, or have your story considered for the View from the Pack presented by RaidLight, contact nancyhobbs@trailrunner.com. Include your name, and if relevant, your nominee’s name and contact information, and up to 500 words about you, or your nominee. We will contact each candidate with follow-up questions and feature one runner or volunteer each month. Those chosen for the program will receive a custom pack from RaidLight branded with the American Trail Running Association logo.

About RaidLight
RaidLight was founded in 1999 by trail and ultra runner Benoit Laval with a mission to support the trail running community. As a passionate runner, Benoit saw the need for products designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of you as a trail runner. Everyday our team of trail runners work together to design, test, and produce industry leading products high in the French Alps. Every detail of each product is carefully crafted to help you go further, faster and spend more time on the trail. Visit https://us.raidlight.com/ to learn more.

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