Max’s Running Tip of the Month – January 2015:

The following article was written by Max King and originally printed in The Footzone Bend‘s December e-mail newsletter. Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and Max King.

It’s January 2015, time to get ripped. Or maybe not. Either way, this is a great time to work on that part of running that we always put off: strength training. I’ve always said that running doesn’t give you the strength to run. Running gives you many benefits, but one thing it will do to just about everyone is injure them.

The best way to prevent a running injury is to be a strong overall athlete. I’m not talking bulging muscles here; we’re runners after all and not exactly known for our hulking upper bodies. I’m taking about functional muscle strength that gives your joints stability and strength through those long miles. Using this time of year to really focus on your functional strength is one of the best ways to stay healthy throughout the year.

Lucky for you it’s not that strenuous (unless you want it to be) and there are so many different options to try – Barre3, yoga, functional fitness, a personal trainer, CrossFit, the Bend Rock Gym, Pilates, or Kraig’s AthleteWise strength training sessions here at FootZone. Whatever you choose, make it a habit. Get healthy, get strong, and have a successful year of running.