Max King’s Running Tip of the Month – July 2014

Max just finished 4th at the Western States 100 – his first 100 mile race – congrats Max!

The following article was written by Max King and originally printed in The Footzone Bend’s May e-mail newsletter.  Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and +Max King.  

Max with 2013 World Junior Mountain Running Champion Mandy Ortiz (left) and Tabor Scholl (right)

We are now into the heart of our Central Oregon summer and there’s no finer time to be a runner in Central Oregon. I love this time of year and it’s perfect for injecting a little intensity into our running. Rather than just heading out for your same daily run try something a bit different this month by putting some short 1min pick ups in your run, get with some running buddies and challenge them to do a speed workout, or better yet, come out on Tuesday night to my Tuesday Performance Group for a good interval workout.  Putting some hard effort into a run will make it feel more accomplishing and rewarding and there’s no easier time to do that than July in Central Oregon.

For more information on weekly group runs at the Footzone, check out their website: