Max King’s Running Tip of the Month – August 2014

The following “tip of the month” article was written by Max King and originally printed in The Footzone Bend’s August e-mail newsletter. Reprinted with permission from The Footzone Bend and Max King.

We’ve talked a lot at the shop lately about how we run, specifically what we run in, and we all came up with “lots of stuff”. We’re shoe geeks and we like to try out different things. I’m lucky enough as the shoe buyer to get to rotate between many different shoes but the one thing that we all had in common was that we like specific shoes for specific runs. A good trail running shoe won’t necessarily run well on the road and vice versa, a lightweight trainer can make you feel fast on those quicker workouts where your normal trainer doesn’t work as well.


So, we need to address the shoe quiver again. I believe it’s an important part of every runners gear. A do-it-all shoe is a great way to go, and there are indeed some shoes that will perform for all of your needs if you stick to a few routes. If you get a bit adventurous, and I hope you do at some point, then adding another pair of shoes you can rotate in can be a big benefit.

Here are a few recommended additions to your standard road shoe: If you’re adding in rougher trail I would highly recommend a good trail running shoe. Working up to a faster half marathon time? Adding a lightweight trainer will help. If you use your running shoes for your gym or CrossFit workout you can extend their life by picking up a training shoe that will perform better during your strength sessions. I like to go with a more well cushioned shoe for those days where I want to get in a run but I also need some recovery from the pounding.


Whatever it is, there are multiple reason that you might need a second or third pair. Don’t be afraid to go that route, your primary shoes will still be there when you need them with extra life to spare. It’s an extra up-front investment but evens out over the life of the shoes. You might think I’m just trying to sell more shoes, but trust me, that’s not my goal. My goal is to keep you motivated, keep running fun and help you get the most enjoyment out of your runs.

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