Icespike for traction 365 days a year

Winter may be over but ATRA corporate member Icespike has four tips for using their product year round.  You can never have too much traction!

1. Trail Runners: Trail shoes with the fancy treads are nothing but mud collectors. Your shoes will weigh as much as you do by the end of your run. Icespike eliminates that problem! With your ordinary running shoe, Icespike transforms them into the ultimate trail shoe.

2. Hikers: Don’t slip on those slippery roots or muddy inclines! Icespike is the best protection on the trails. It has been proven on the Appalachian and Colorado Trails year after year.

3. River and Stream Fisherman: Icespike grips those slippery rocks and keeps you on your feet and not cruising down the river “on a Sunday Afternoon”.

4. Landscapers and Gardeners: Mowing and working on steep grass slippery hills can be treacherous, dangerous and injuries waiting to happen. Icespike will give you the grip that won’t let you slip.

IceSpike are sharing a 20% off your entire order using coupon code: Spring2015

Did you know that our Executive Director Nancy Hobbs is also an IceSpike Ambassador and avid user? So is our friend Terry Chiplin – organizer of the Estes Park Trail Running Conference!

Nancy Hobbs organized the first US Women’s Mountain Running Team in 1995; bronze medal at World Masters Mountain Running Championships 2013, Colorado Running Hall Fame class 2013, Co-author with Adam Chase The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running. Nancy’s accomplishments in the Running World are just to many to enumerate, she is the living Ultimate Human Guide to Trail Running and the true Ambassador of the Sport. Her motto is to “Provide support to those who want to achieve their dreams.”

Terry Chiplin describes himself as “an athletic experience facilitator.” He has an extensive background for more than 20 years as a health and fitness consultant, personal trainer and running coach and more than thirty years as a runner and cyclist. Terry has a unique ability to motivate and inspire and believes in the incredible potential of every athlete. He runs Active at Altitude, educational and inspiration camps for athletes of all abilities. Words of encouragement: “If you are going to doubt anything, doubt your limits.”

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