Bonk Breaker splashes into hydration with Real Hydration

Press release from ATRA corporate member Bonk Breaker.

Thirsty for something Real? Bonk Breaker® introduces solution to quench thirst with two refreshing flavors of Real Hydration made with real fruit.

The arrival of Bonk Breaker® Real Hydration means that athletes and active lifestyle participants only need to pack one brand in their gear bags prior to training and competing. Continuing the nutrition maker’s philosophy of providing real-food solutions for all aspects of active living, Bonk Breaker® now has all the bases covered by introducing two thirst-quenching flavors of Real Hydration made with real fruit, joining the best-selling product line of fresh-baked energy and protein bars and energy-enhancing chews. While designed with the rigors of athletic competition and training in mind, Real Hydration is perfect for anybody looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to the sugary artificial drinks so prevalent in today’s marketplace.

“Our athletes and customers have been asking for an organic, real-food hydration solution that meets their expectations for great flavors, balanced electrolytes and clean ingredients. (Bonk Breaker® co-founder and co-CEO) Jason (Winn) and I created both flavors – from ingredients to packaging design – with direct input from our fans and we’ve had the opportunity to test them in the heat of competitive battle. The introduction of Bonk Breaker® Real Hydration is a fantastic evolution of the Bonk Breaker® product line and the buzz, excitement and early demand confirms that it’s already a huge hit,” said Bonk Breaker® Chairman and co-CEO Chris Frank.

Available from thousands of retail outlets beginning March 15 with pre-orders being taken now, Bonk Breaker® Real Hydration’s two revitalizing flavors of Lemon-Lime and Wolfberry with Pomegranate are made entirely from non-GMO ingredients with “organic” appearing as the first word on the short list of ingredients. A ten-gram serving of Real Hydration mix provides 350mg of electrolytes and contains only eight grams of organic cane sugar.

Bonk Breaker® athletes and customers clamored for Real Hydration in Lemon-Lime while Wolfberry with Pomegranate is an imaginative creation using wolfberries – more commonly known as the superfood goji berries – which are abundantly rich in protective antioxidants as well as bursting with flavor.

“The flavor profile of Wolfberry with Pomegranate is incredible, but almost as much as the taste, we love the uniqueness of the name and feel that it’s a fun and authentic representation of our brand,” added Winn.

Bonk Breaker® emerged from the endurance sports and cycling worlds and has blossomed into a global leader in sports nutrition while serving as a nutritious snack choice for adults and children on the go. Athletes across the entire sports stratosphere – from professionals and Olympians to casual competitors – “fuel their journey” with Bonk Breaker® energy bars and chews and boost recovery with Bonk Breaker® protein bars. The advent of Real Hydration means that workouts, race days and game days can be fueled entirely by Bonk Breaker® products. Additional information is available at

Bonk Breaker

About Bonk Breaker®:

Co-founded by Jason Winn and Chris Frank, both elite level (and hungry) athletes, Bonk Breaker®’s mission is to be the nutrition brand of choice for weekend warriors, families and world-class athletes alike – anyone eager for the best tasting and freshest bars, chews and hydration drinks on the planet. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company’s quest began when Winn and his mother baked the first Peanut Butter & Jelly energy bar in Mama Winn’s kitchen and continues today with an ever-expanding lineup of products and flavors combining all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. As the official nutrition partner, Bonk Breaker® proudly supports the athletic efforts of USA Cycling and Team USA, USA Swimming and Team USA, the Milwaukee Brewers and four-time World Champion triathlete Mirinda Carfrae. Visit Bonk Breaker® at

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