ATRA includes Nicholas Hill Group as a preferred partner in Event Standards Program

The American Trail Running Association (ATRA) is pleased to welcome Nicholas Hill Group as our newest partner in the Event Standards Program.

We introduced our Event Standards Program in 2012, and for the past two years, have included vendors and suppliers as partners to further assist trail race directors in meeting our 15 criteria necessary for staging a safe and well-organized event.

“Event liability insurance should be the first item on a race director’s checklist,” said Nancy Hobbs, our executive director. “Over the past year, we have worked with the Nicholas Hill Group, to develop a program dedicated to trail, mountain, and snowshoe races. There are other insurance providers, but we wanted to offer a product specific to our audience. We now have that with Trail Running Insurance Program (T.R.I.P.). This is an exciting addition to ATRA’s portfolio and we hope race directors connect with Nicholas for their insurance needs.”

ATRA Executive Director Nancy Hobbs.

Nathan Nicholas, President of the Nicholas Hill Group shared his thoughts about T.R.I.P., and working with the American Trail Running Association, “For years, we have admired ATRA for their commitment to the expansion of trail running in the United States. With the launch of the ATRA Event Standards Program, we believe ATRA event organizers should be rewarded for their dedication to hosting safe and successful races with access to custom insurance coverage designed specifically for ATRA members.”

“In addition to low cost and enhanced coverage, ATRA members will appreciate the automated enrollment process that eliminates the hoops they’ve historically faced when applying for event liability and participant accident insurance protection. We are thrilled to become ATRA’s newest preferred partner and are looking forward to assisting event organizers in their search for quality insurance protection.”

Adds Adam W.Chase, our president, “With insurance being such a point of contention in national news these days, it’s such a relief for ATRA to be able to work with the Nicholas Hill Group in a partnership that allows everyone, including our race director and individual participant members, to be more secure out on the trails.”

ATRA President Adam Chase in his natural environment.

Nicholas Hill Group (NHG) creates custom insurance products for niche industries and organizations. NHG’s Active Lifestyle Division encourages clients to pursue their passion and lead healthier lifestyles through participation in safe athletic events and the pursuit of responsible outdoor recreation. They do so by helping each client in addressing their individual exposure through the design and ongoing management of innovative insurance products. NHG clients include national governing bodies, trade associations, membership organizations, affinity groups, 3rd party registration companies, ski resorts and a variety of sports and outdoor recreation related businesses. NHG also proudly represent individuals who are pursuing their passion through active, healthy lifestyles.

Nicholas Hill Group joins Ashworth Awards, LPTent USA, Marathon Printing, Inc., Motel 6, MYLAPS Sports Timing, Race Roster, and Trail Run Project as partners in ATRA’s Event Standards Program.

Please contact, or call 1-877-303-2050 for coverage details or to receive a no-obligation quote for your trail, mountain, or snowshoe event(s) through T.R.I.P.  A dedicated T.R.I.P. web portal for event insurance applications will be available on January 1, 2018.