2023 IAU 24 Hour World Championship – Team USA Selection

The International Association of Ultrarunners has announced that the 2023 IAU World 24 Hour Championship will be held in Chinese Taipei on December 2-3, 2023.

The United States 24 Hour National Team will compete in the 2023 International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 24 Hour World Championship under the patronage of World Athletics on December 2-3, 2023 in Chinese Taipei. The United States will be represented by the USATF 24 Hour Team of up to six men and six women ultra marathon runners. The Team will be selected by the Executive Committee USATF Mountain, Ultra, and Trail (MUT) Council which was established in 1998 to help USATF administer ultra running in the United States based on the following criteria:.

Qualifying window: December 2, 2021- July 2, 2023

Team Selection: Monday and Tuesday, July 3-4, 2023

Team Announced: Wednesday, July 5, 2023

How to Qualify

Standards for Consideration to the 2023 U.S. National 24 Hour Team To be considered for the USA 24 Hr National Team, runners must be citizens of the United States of America and be current USATF members, meet one of the following qualification standards and other eligibility requirements.

  1. Athletes who place in the top-3 (gold, silver, or bronze medal position) at the 2021 IAU World 24 Hr Championship will receive automatic selection to the 2023 Championship regardless of total distance achieved.. (Not Applicable for 2023. — 2021 Championship cancelled)
  2. Minimum standards for consideration- (thru remaining criteria) Male- 145 MILES (233.348km), Female- 130 MILES (209.209km)
  3. The winner of the 2022 U.S. National 24 Hr Championship, if contested, will receive automatic selection to the 2023 Championship, provided minimum qualifying standards are met (See #2 above)
  4. Athletes who meet minimum qualifying standards for distance (See #2 Above) within the specified qualifying window will be entered into the pool of qualified athletes-

Team positions not achieved thru criteria 1 or criteria 3, up to a total of 6 Men and 6 Women will be filled based on qualifying performances in 24-hour races or certified 24-hour splits in multi day fixed-time races, courses or tracks.

For consideration for qualification

  • Events must be USATF certified for distance (or NGB) or provide survey certificate for track events
  • Events must be USATF sanctioned (USATF Rules upheld)- not limited to, but including 144.3 (Assistance to Athletes ** in other words, NO PACING** and 163.6 (a) Leaving the Track, Field, or Course)-
  • Lap recording to USATF and World Athletics standards must be documented and provided
  • Qualifying marks must take place in bona fide competitions (Refer to USATF Rule Book 262.3 (a) where “Qualifying” may be interchanged with “Record”

NOTE TO Athletes and RD’s: Be sure if you want to host an event in which athletes qualify OR if you are an athlete that wishes to qualify, that the event meets the guidelines for consideration.

List of Current Qualifiers

Women: TBA
Men: TBA

Please address any additions/deletions/adjustments to howardvchair@gmail.com

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