Aug 12, 2023 at 10:00 AM




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Entry Fee $80
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 30K

Series: WMRA World Cup

Type: Mountain

Percent of the course on un-paved trails: 85%

First Year of the Event: 1974

Men's Record: 2.29:12’’Jonathan Wyatt (NZ)

Women's Record: 2.55:35" Angéline Joly-Flueckiger (CH)


RACE #5 of the 2019 WMRA Mountain Running World Cup – 11 August – Sierre Zinal SWITZERLAND, Sierre 31km (2200 m+ and 1100 m-) This is a mainly uphill; point to point course.

The Sierre-Zinal race is organized by the “Association Sierre-Zinal”. The Sierre-Zinal race is long and difficult (31 km, positive elevation 2100 m, negative elevation 1100 m). It is therefore necessary to participate in it to be properly prepared.

You can participate in Sierre-Zinal with ordinary running shoes with a good profile. Part of the event takes place above 2000 m; in case of uncertain weather, it is advisable to wear either mountain clothes (for tourists) or a tracksuit.

Personal effects are transported free of charge from Sierre to Zinal. They are collected in trucks at the second bib distribution (Garage Zwissig) or at the place of departure. The organization does not take responsibility for personal belongings during transport.
For tourists, the departure is at night, a lamp can be useful. We can get rid of Beauregard supply.

Ski poles or walking poles are forbidden. Dogs are forbidden. Checks will be held on the course and offenders will be disqualified. The ban on ski poles is motivated by security reasons. During the overnight climb in single file, the slightest false move can hurt the participant who follows. It’s the same on the narrow paths after the Hotel Weisshorn. After all, Sierre-Zinal is a run!



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