Escarpment Trail Run


Jul 31, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Escarpment Trail Run

Windham NY,


Entry Fee $35
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 30K

Type: Trail

Participant Limit: 200

First Year of the Event: 1977

Men's Record: 2:42:09 set by Lee Berube in 2018

Women's Record: 3:07:22 set by Cassy Bradley-Byrne in 1999


Rugged and rocky hiking trail that climbs over six peaks in the northern Catskill Mtns. Advised to carry water. 17th running in ’95. Qualifying standards. Climb of 5100 feet. 100% trail. Always last Sunday in July. it is a treacherous hiking trail.
There won’t be a vehicle to fetch you if you if you should decide to quit and it is your responsibility to get to the finish line. This is not a Run-For-All and we are not trying to hype it or make it something it is not. There won’t be people telling you where the trail goes, doctors to wipe your blisters, or a bus to give you a ride to the finish if you decide you can’t continue. This is a wonderful run across wonderful country, a run in which we will share the experience and the friendship with those qualified runners who choose to participate. No awards, no age group categories. Just runners, mountains, and some refreshments at the finish line.
The following standards have been set up for accepting entries. We CANNOT accept your entry if you don’t meet these standards. We reserve the right to accept or reject any entry. Due to trail limitations, entries will close at 275 runners or on Monday, July 24th, whichever comes first. These qualifying standards are put in place to insure that runners are in condition to safely complete the event in 6 hours. Please don’t ask us to accept any qualifier under a road marathon or 30k trail run.

At least one of these standards must have been met after August 1 of last year:

Anyone who completed the previous year’s Escarpment Trail Run in 6 hours or less.
Anyone who completed a half-iron man triathlon competition in 6 hours or less.
Anyone who completed a full iron man triathlon in 13 hours or less.
Anyone who completed a 50 miler in under 10 hours, a 50K under 5 hours, or a marathon under 4:15. Add 1 1/2 hrs. for a trail race.

If you do not meet any of the qualifying standards above but have run a trail race of 20 miles or longer (ie. a distance not specified above) within 90% more than the time of that race’s winner, you are eligible to submit an application. Acceptance is pending our review.


No photos available.


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