Bighorn Trail 100


Jun 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Bighorn Trail 100

Dayton WY,


Entry Fee $40
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Entry Fee 2 $60
(Highest or Late Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 100M

Type: Ultra

Participant Limit: 350

Starting Elevation: 4500

High Point: 9000

Men's Record: Mike Peacock, '93, 2:17

Masters Men Record: Duane Cole, '93, 2:24:03

Women's Record: Sara Heywood, '93, 2:28:30

Masters Women Record: Karen Izzard, '93, 3:10:15


We created this ultra-running event to preserve the atmosphere of the Bighorn Mountains once threatened by a West Coast power development strategy called the “Dry Fork Project”. Through the commitment and perseverance of a few dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, attention to the potential fate of our mountains became a local concern. Ultimately, the “Dry Fork Project” was tabled and Bighorn Trail Run was born during this process to increase public awareness of the natural beauty, rugged terrain, and unique geology of the Bighorn Mountains and the Dry Fork and Little Bighorn River drainages.
The Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run is founded on values and beliefs that knit us together as a family. We provide a multi-event experience created by a community for a community, meeting everyone’s desire for challenge. We value family, friendships, thoughtfulness, hard work, consistency and nature’s beauty – all the essentials required to get you to the finish line. However, don’t let Bighorn mislead you, it is a tough contender in the ultra-world boasting its name on the top 10 most difficult ultras in the nation. We met with Mother Nature to custom design a challenging course: full of steep climbs, difficult down hills, shoe sucking mud, and relentless technical terrain leading you to spectacular views with a possible wildlife encounter here or there. Participants, be prepared to endure extreme ever-changing mountain weather conditions and temperature variations. This runner’s trail is the showcase of the human spirit.


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