Bass Pro Shops Dogwood Canyon Trail Run


Nov 09, 2024 at 8:00 AM

Bass Pro Shops Dogwood Canyon Trail Run

2038 W. State Highway 86

Lampe MO, 65681


Entry Fee $60
(Lowest or Early Registration)

Prize Money: no


  • 15K
  • 25K
  • 50K

Type: Ultra

First Year of the Event: 2008


The Dogwood Canyon Trail runs are some of the most beautiful and challenging trail runs in the United States. Set in over 10,000 acres of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, part of the Dogwood Canyon Foundation, each trail run distance will find runners climbing hills, traversing streams and scrambling around rocks while enjoying the incredible views.
Distances offered Include:
15K, 25K, 50K

Tackle the North Face Dogwood Challenge
The Dogwood 15/25K North Face Challenge and the Dogwood 15/50K North Face Challenge are open to the first 250 runners (200 spots for the 15/25K and 50 spots for the 15/50K) who register for the Challenge. You must register for the Challenge in the distance of your choice to be part of this event. You will not be considered part of the Challenge if you register for the run distances separately. Runners are able to complete the 15K on Saturday, November 10th and either the 25K or 50K on Sunday, November 11th. Each finisher will receive a memento representing the completion of their challenge.

15K Race start time: 7:30 AM, Saturday, November 10
25K/50K Race start time: 7:30 AM, Sunday, November 11

Lunch will be served on Sunday, November 11th, starting at approximately 11:00 AM. Lunch is included in the cost of your registration. Family members or friends may purchase lunch for $7.00 on Sunday, November 11th, or you may purchase lunch on their behalf during your registration process. Our first priority will be to feed the runners, so if you think you may want to feed family or friends, you should purchase lunch tickets for them with your registration as extra lunch purchase will be limited on race day.

We do not offer race refunds for any reason. Race registrations are not transferable from person to person; if you give your bib to another runner, that runner will be disqualified and your ability to participate in Fitness Series events will be compromised.

All finishers receive a medal and all registrants receive a long sleeve tech T-shirt. All 25K and 50K finishers receive a hoodie from The North Face. Challenge finishers also receive a medal commemorating their accomplishment.


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