Winter traction for trail running

By ATRA Executive Director Nancy Hobbs

I recently spoke with a newbie trail runner who was concerned about doing an upcoming trail race because of recent snows and the probability that the trails would be covered in snow. I introduced said runner to Icespike and she was thrilled to learn about a product she knew nothing about. This introduction got me thinking about the New Year and new ideas.

Resolutions pop up for many as the New Year approaches, but often times, come February, those resolutions become all but a memory of a once-envisioned good intention. This also got me to thinking. Why not establish new ideas for the New Year and at least once per month, introduce, or share your new idea with someone. For me, this started with the introduction of Icespike to a novice runner. Something new could be as simple as sharing a trail with a friend. You could travel to a race with someone — perhaps a race you have heard a lot about, but never entered. Maybe your “something new” is to share a nutrition tip, or a yoga class.

By sharing, or trying something new at different times throughout the year, you can create a doable and rewarding resolution. Make this a year of new ideas and enjoy the Trails.

This article by ATRA Executive Director Nancy Hobbs originally appeared in the Icespike email newsletter.