Western States Trekker – Day 4 – Last Chance to Foresthill

The trekker team was restocked today with a new group of volunteers to carry the 50 pound street view panoramic imaging backpack 20 miles from Last Chance (mile 43.3) to Foresthill (mile 62). The Wednesday Trekker team lead by ATRA’s Richard Bolt was Robert Rhodes from Bay Trailrunners, Matthew Hook, Chris Streeter, Ben Bosch, Avesh Singh, Myke Hermsmeyer (photographer) and Scott Yates reporting for iRunFar.


Richard, Matt, Avesh, Scott and Robert made the long 90 minute drive from Foresthill out to Last Chance. Myke, Ben and Chris drove to Michigan Bluff and hiked down to El Dorado Creek to link up with the group coming from Last Chance to provide fresh legs & resupply for the long climb back up the Michigan Bluff and onto Foresthill.

The main group left Last Chance at 8:45 AM with Robert carrying the trekker on the steep, technical 1700’ descent to the creek. It took 50 minutes on the 3.3 mile segment to Swinging Bridge after which Richard took over trekker duties for the steep, 1500’ climb up Devil’s Thumb. By this time the canyon was stating to heat up as the temperatures headed up into the 90s.


The thick tree cover was a welcome change as Avesh took over trekker duties from Devil’s Thumb onto the long, shallow descent to El Dorado Creek where the team meet up with Ben, Myke and Chris who had a good hour to relax by the river. After a quick refuel & rest Ben strapped on the trekker for the long 1700’ climb to Michigan Bluff. Ben pulled into Michigan Bluff with the team to meet up with team driver and crew member Matt Hook. Matt got the team rehydrated and fueled up for the final push to Foresthill.

Chris Streeter wore the trekker departing Michigan Bluff and set a blistering pace under the hot, afternoon sun through the final, “small” Volcano Canyon. So fast was Chris with the trekker that Robert, Ben and Avesh had to run to catch back up before the team reached Bath Road. After a quick refuel and vFuel electrolyte slam, team driver Matt Hook carried the trekker for the final 1.5 miles through Foresthill School before stopping at Sugar Pine Pizza – directly across the street from trekker base camp Foresthill Miner’s Camp.

Total time on the trail was almost exactly 8 hours, covering 20.5 miles with 6000’ of descent and 4600’ of ascent. Team moving time was 5 hours, 43 minutes. You can see the GPS track at: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move110902943

Special thanks to our trekker project supporters: Salomon Running, Trail Run Project, VFuel, Picky Bar, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, iRunFar, The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Visit Placer, Auburn Endurance Capital of the World, Foresthill Miner’s Camp and Myke Hermsmeyer Photography.

Tomorrow the trekker team will be leaving Foresthill at 8:30 AM enroute to Rucky Chucky.  See you on the trail!  #WesternStatesTrekker

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