Western States Trekker – Day 3 – Duncan Canyon to Last Chance

After fixing trekker battery charger issues on Monday, the trekker team hit the trail again on Tuesday with a fresh complement of volunteers and fully charged batteries. Richard Bolt, Mike Kreaden, Dan Baxley, Matthew Hook (driver) and Myke Hermsmeyer (photographer) left Foresthill early in the morning for the hour plus drive to the Duncan Canyon aid station location (mile 23.8). Matthew Hook, our intrepid driver and mobile aid station operator reversed direction enroute to rendezvous with the team at every intermediary aid station.


After its standard 15 minute start-up procedure the trekker came online at 8:30 AM and the team hit the trail with Mike Kreaden taking the 50 pound trekker for the initial leg towards Robinson Flat Campground (mile 29.7). Myke Hermsmeyer documented the trekker team as they moved through tall pine forests, creek crossings and wildflower meadows with Richard and Dan carried extra water, nutrition from vFuel & Picky Bar, extra batteries, hard drives, and safety equipment.


Richard took over trekker duties for the second half of the journey to Robinson Flat for 1000’ of climbing in 3 miles. At Robinson Dan Baxley took over trekker duties for the most scenic section of the days trek with panoramic views South towards French Meadows Reservoir and the mountains of Yosemite beyond.


The trail continued downhill towards Miller’s Defeat where the team crossed paths with horseback riders training for the Western States 100 sweep. Streetview trekker briefly became horse view trekker! Mike Kreaden was back on trekker duties through Miller’s Defeat (mile 34.4) and powered on downhill through forests recently cut during logging operations. This dirt road section of the race course continued till Dusty Corners (mile 38) where Richard took the trekker after a short break to rest and refuel.


Richard and the team departed Dusty Corner 15 miles into the days trek and set out for Last Chance – our days finish point. The trail from Dusty quickly turned from dirt road to single-track along a steep hillside with dramatic views North into a deep, rocky canyon. After 7 hours and 13 minutes of trekking the team arrived in Last Chance – 20 miles closer to the expedition end point in Auburn.


You can see a GPS track of today’s trek on Suunto / Movescount.  See more photos from today’s trek on Google Photos.

Tomorrow a new team of trekkers will take up the challenge of carrying the 50 pound imaging system from Last Chance to Foresthill. For the trekker’s journey on Twitter at @ATRAtrailrunner or on our Facebook page. #WesternStatesTrekker

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