USA Track & Field Spotlights ATRA Founder Nancy Hobbs

American Trail Running Association founder and executive director Nancy Hobbs was featured yesterday in USA Track & Field’s (USATF) Tuesdays With Toyota, a monthly Instagram campaign spotlighting the national athletic federation’s most dedicated members. Under Nancy’s leadership, ATRA just launched a dedicated web-page for USATF’s Mountain, Ultra and Trail Running programs.

Here’s what USATF wrote about Nancy:

@teamtoyota, we are spotlighting some of USATF’s most dedicated members. Here is our third feature of the year with 60-year-old MUT running enthusiast, administrator and volunteer @nanoontrails, a member of the USATF Colorado Association from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Although I don’t compete that much in USATF events, I have attended many in administrative roles from team staff, to liaison as championships and team selection races. On occasion, I have participated in USATF championship events in cross country and mountain. I was involved in the genesis of the MUT council back in the 90s and have taken a leadership role in this discipline that I’m passionate about.

The MUT community within USATF is a family. As well, the athletes, staff, administration, local organizing committees, and more all work together to build community beyond the walls of just an institution or a governing body. USATF has helped introduce connections and has provided outreach opportunities that collectively help build the community experience.

Like many others, I use mantras like strength and focus to get through tough times. Tough times are relevant to the person experiencing a challenge. What to one person seems simplistic, to another is monumental. Finding a balance and welcoming challenges and obstacles with a positive attitude is important.

I have many favorite USATF memories, many of which have occurred at World Championship events with our national teams. The first time a mountain team earned a podium spot was a big memory, and the first time I heard our national anthem played at the Mountain Running World Championships was beyond special. From the first time we took a U.S. women’s team to a championship and then seeing the team medal some years later was the culmination of a very memorable journey. But, that journey continues and I think memories will continue well into the future.

I cherish the family that has been afforded to me from athletics and appreciate the opportunities that have been provided by my involvement over the years with USATF. I see this involvement continuing as it is part of my life.”


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Learn more about Nancy and the rest of the dedicated trail running volunteers at the American Trail Running Association on our Board Member page.

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