Trail Stewardship: Leaving a Lasting Legacy is our theme for 2018

We’re proud to announce our theme for 2018 – Trail Stewardship: Leaving a Lasting Legacy.  This initiative builds on our 2017 theme – Community: Building Trail Running Connections.

One of the keystones of this year’s theme is the land on which we run.

“It is imperative that we all work together to take care of the trails we so cherish, or there won’t be opportunities for future generations to enjoy our growing sport,” said our executive director Nancy Hobbs. “We plan to feature clubs, individuals, and events that help maintain the trails through active volunteerism. Additionally, we want to highlight events that have a requirement of race participants to do volunteer work in order to secure a race entry. Sharing these events and their stories provides a model for others to follow suit and create their own programs.”

“And, we know that being good stewards of the land, nature, and environment requires commitment,” continued Hobbs. “But, it can be as simple as picking up trash along a trail to leading a crew to build a better more sustainable route. It’s also important to keep in mind Trail Running Rules on the Run and stay off the trails when the conditions such as heavy rain and mud wreak havoc on the ecosystem.”

Education will continue to be a primary focus for us at the American Trail Running Association (ATRA). Providing useful tips through instructional videos and articles written by experts will offer ways to connect and engage our community. We will launch a new inspirational series of articles this year entitled, A View from the Pack. This program will recognize and celebrate core trail runners who have dedicated themselves as everyday athletes to grow trail running as a community, as well as stories from race volunteers – incredible stewards in their own right.

These programs will be added to our growing portfolio, which includes the Event Standards Program for race directors, a monthly email newsletter, a monthly race director email newsletter, a quarterly newsletter Trail Times, Trail Running Camp Standards, Trail Towns, and the recently announced Event Liability Program – T.R.I.P.

We’ll also add a new level of membership in 2018, Legacy Membership. For a minimum investment of $1000, legacy members will have a lifetime membership with ATRA. All donations at this level are 100% tax deductible.

“Legacy Members of ATRA are individuals who want to make their mark and, unlike their ethic of leaving no trace on the trails they run, have a lasting impression through the organization that supports the sport they value so highly,” said our president Adam W. Chase. “Legacy Membership allows trail running enthusiasts to make a substantial, one-time donation to a not-for-profit that stands for and supports their passion.”

Stay informed with timely stories on our Trail News section of, our Facebook Page, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. And, be sure to join the ATRA team at the 6th US Trail Running Conference, August 29-31, in San Luis Obispo, CA.

“We ask you, our community, to spread the good work that ATRA is doing, and contact us with your ideas to help build connections with individuals, groups, events, and corporations,” said Hobbs.

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