ATRA and inov-8 launch Trail Running Tips for Women

Starting this month, the American Trail Running Association (ATRA), and inov-8, will partner on a new series of articles about trail running tips for women. Record-breaking runner Jasmin Paris (pictured above, left), who is supported by trail running brand inov-8, will be featured in our Trail News section this month in the first of several installments.

Paris had a breakthrough year in 2016. This 33-year-old runner and inov-8 ambassador from the UK set new women’s record times for the UK’s three premier 24-hour running challenges, the Bob Graham Round (England), the Ramsay Round (Scotland) and the Paddy Buckley (Wales). For the Ramsay Round (58-mile, 28,500ft ascent), she also beat the best men’s time, clocking an incredible 16hrs 13mins. Not content with that, Jasmin also raced abroad in 2016, placing sixth woman in her first-ever 100-miler among a stellar field of ultra runners at the UTMB, bagging bronze at the Skyrunning World Championships and winning the Extreme Skyrunning World Series.

“We’re excited to partner with inov-8 on this new initiative for 2017,” said Nancy Hobbs, ATRA executive director. “After reading Jasmin’s bio, I have extra motivation to hit the trails, and you will too. This incredibly talented woman is sure to inspire countless women to enjoy the trails and be better prepared to do so.”

Michael Price, inov-8 director of product and marketing, said, “Jasmin is one of the world’s leading female trail runners – and also one of the most modest. She doesn’t brag about her achievements but instead prefers to let her running doing the talking. What she is providing for ATRA through these articles is a rare glimpse into the life of a phenomenal athlete. Jasmin always runs with a smile on her face, and hopefully these tips will help you do the same.”

One of the tips Paris shares in the first installment, is to make trail running fun. “I think that a large part of my running success comes from the fact that I’m almost always enjoying myself,” relates Paris. “If you are having fun, you are more likely to stick at it, to weather the tough times, and to push yourself to achieve new things. Try finding a training partner (human or dog), booking an active holiday with friends, or signing up for a race that’s a little bit different.”

Look for more trail running tips for women from inov-8 ambassadors in Trail News.   Topics will range from motivation, to safety, to gear choices. If you have women-specific trail running questions, send them Peter Maksimow at  In the meantime, check out our popular 8 Trail Running Tips: How To Get Started article.

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