Trail Runner Product Review: Swiftwick Vibe and Flight XT Socks

Swiftwick socks reviewed by Colorado Springs’ trail runner Dreama Walton who was a member of ATRA’s 2017 Pikes Peak Trekker team and put these socks to the test during her runs and in-home strength training routines. Swiftwick is an American Trail Running Association corporate member and provided these socks for review.

I first tried this pair out on a 2.5-hour run in Cheyenne Mountain State Park in February. It’s a great place to run however, running in winter here you are sure to have some snow. My first opinion of the VIBEs wasn’t great, I must admit. I thought maybe they just weren’t the right sock for this type of run, a run that involved climbing because on this run, they kept sliding down into my shoe. We all know how frustrating that can be! However, after I threw them in the wash and dryer, I gave them a second chance. I’m so glad that I did because the issue of them sliding down in my shoe, hasn’t happened since that first day.

I’ve worn the VIBEs for intense speed workouts on hilly terrain, I’ve worn them in muddy conditions and I’ve worn them running in the mountains and they fit and feel great. No having to stop because they are sliding down my foot and into my shoe. Just a nice, snug, enjoyable wear! Swiftwick makes high quality, high functioning socks so that we can perform our best! They are a medium cushion sock with moderate compression that fits well for any run or workout. They also have a Seamless Toe which helps prevent blisters from forming around the toes.

First, let me say, the FLITE XTs are awesome. They come with an innovative grip fiber technology called GripDry and with compression in all the right places. One of the things that makes these no-show socks different from other traditional athletic socks is that they have what Swiftwick calls GripDry technology on the foot of the sock. At first, I thought this might be a little gimmicky however, the GripDry is very functional. I think Swiftwick is really on to something here because not only can you walk around without shoes and feel more secure on the hard surface floors in your home but it also prevents your sock from slipping and moving around in your shoe. When I wear these it’s like my sock has found its spot in my shoe and no matter if I’m climbing up a steep, wet mountain trail or on a flat urban trail, these socks don’t move or slide around in my shoe. This no-slip could be helpful during a long trail or ultra if you are someone that normally experiences blisters from your socks moving around in your shoes.

Since we are now living in a time where social distancing is in full effect, you may be spending a lot more time working out at home. If you are like me and don’t like to wear shoes in your home, having a nice pair of socks that you can do some stretches, air squats or lunges in, is nice. Also, remember that running, biking, hiking and other solo activities are not cancelled yet. If fact, it’s important to stay active in any way you can as long as you are doing it safely and responsibly. Pick up a pair of Swiftwick socks and explore one of the trails in your area — just make sure to stay a safe distance from anyone else you see out there. For those who live in cities, try urban hiking. If you feel more comfortable working out at home, the FLITE XT provides ankle stability during quick movements and is perfect for at home workouts.

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