Trail Runner Product Review: BioLite HeadLamp 200

Colorado Springs, Colorado-based trail runner Dan Vega reviewed the BioLite HeadLamp 200 headlamp for the American Trail Running Association. 

What I love most about the BioLite HeadLamp 200, is that it hugs your head with no movement even when running at fast speeds flying down the mountains at night here in Colorado. The internal battery is great on cutting down on weight and has a USB rechargable 700mAH lithium battery. For me, 200 lumens is the minimum that I like for running fast at night. It also has a burn time on the high setting of 3 hours and 40 hours on the low setting at 5 lumens. The higher the lumens, the more visibility increases.

The BioLite HeadLamp 200 also has a dimming function. By pushing and holding down the on button, the illumination will decrease or increase until the desired brightness is reached. In addition, it has a red light that is beneficial when you are trying to keep the brightness down while doing other things besides running. The strobe function is a great feature for cycling as it provides more visibility to vehicles and other cyclists. Adjusting the headlamp is seamless because it doesn’t shift even in a tilt position while running or cycling at a faster pace.

Coming in at $44.95, it’s an amazingly economical find. I ran most of my runs late at night back in the early 2000s while I was training for the Leadville Trail 100 Mile and many other ultra-distance events. I and would have loved to have this headlamp back then. Now I can say that I’m looking forward to many more night adventure runs using the BioLite HeadLamp 200.