The World Mountain Running Association launches new website and dedicated World Cup page

The World Mountain Running has launched their new website today with a new look and functionality. The new site contains more breathtaking mountain running images and enables easier navigation. Check it out at

Photo by Marco Gulberi courtesy of the World Mountain Running Association.

In other big news, the mountain running WORLD CUP has launched with it’s own dedicated web page where users can see the races in detail, course information and program. The WMRA will continue to update the page with results and World Cup news as the race series unfolds. Have a look at the exciting, iconic and historic races included in the 2018 World Cup at:

Find more details about WMRA’s MOUNTAIN RUNNING WORLD CUP here:

“The WMRA are bringing new races and concepts to rejuvenate the World Cup now in its 20th year. The WMRA is convinced it needs to move with the times and create a product that appeals to a wider group of runners and public. With a new World Cup product working with more of the protagonists in off road sport the WMRA will try to get more top athletes in all off road disciplines racing together and introduce more people to Mountain Running. These working partnerships will include other off road disciplines as well as closer relations with the IAAF to try to bring a more exciting series of races.

Photo courtesy of the World Mountain Running Association.

The decision was made to remove the World Mountain Running Championships from the World Cup because this is a race where runners need to be selected by national federations. The WMRA wanted to make the World Cup open for everyone to participate.

Photo courtesy of the World Mountain Running Association.

In 2018, the concept of the Mountain Running World Cup will be a transition from the one we know from the past with new race relationships that have been forged during the winter months. There will be 5 races in the Circuit, starting in mid July with the famous Grossglocknerlauf in Austria finishing in October on Smarna gora in Slovenia, a traditional final race. A bigger variety in distances and terrain was one of the big goals so they range from a vertical kilometre race over 3.3km to a 31km long distance event.

Photo courtesy of the World Mountain Running Association.

In future another goal will be to maintain a more compact calendar so more international runners will be able to include races on consecutive weekends to be efficient with travel that also helps with making a more exciting series.”

Photo courtesy of the World Mountain Running Association.


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