Tasty Treats for Springtime

Tasty Treats for Springtime was written by By Stephen R. Santangelo. This article originally appeared in ATRA’s Trail Times newsletter published in April 2016.

Budding trees and the first hint of a crocus peeking out from its hibernation, remind us that spring is coming and it is time to plan — and then plant — a garden, one which will provide a fresh abundance of fruits and vegetables to please the palette. Fortunately, if you aren’t the gardening type, fresh produce is available at the local market.

Spring provides various fruits and vegetables which entice the eye and create an insatiable desire to consume pleasant tasting foods. Freshly made juice is always a nice way to start the day, as a pre-workout drink or post hydration after a long run through the hills. Fresh, organic watermelon and cantaloupe juice provide many enzymes, minerals, healthy carbs, anti oxidants and plenty of water to prepare and restore the body for springtime running sessions.

For late spring and early summer, melons act as a nutritious cooler. Early season vegetables, such as broccoli combined with tropical pineapple add a new flavor to the palette along with a powerful dose of antioxidants. Green leafy vegetables make a delightful dinner salad. Adding mushrooms, tomatoes and chopped bell peppers rounds out a satisfying meal.

If you need to boost your carb intake as your running mileage increases, stuffed bell pepper (organic wild rice, organic raisins and plenty of freshly harvested herbs to taste), on a bed of fresh spinach will suffice those needs.

Check out the salmon salad blended with three varieties of early spring greens, cucumbers, dried tomatoes, fresh chives and decorated with black berries.

Looking for something hot out of the oven? How about stuffed Swiss chard egg rolls? They are fast and easy to prepare. You can go vegan Chinese style or choose Indian flavor. Stuffed with shredded cabbage, carrots, snow peas, and diced onions, add a shot of Chinese red rice vinegar to bring out the oriental flavor. Substituting red rice vinegar with mustard sauce and turmeric with a dash of cayenne will give it the all-too-familiar Indian flair.

For meat eaters, add organic pork, chicken, duck, or beef. Either way it’ll be highly nutritious and quite satisfying for dinner. Keep your body energized and restore your system with a constant supply of anti oxidants, minerals, and enzymes.

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