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Be a healthy trail runner; spice up your stretching

Written by Stephen R. Santangelo for the Spring 2019 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Many folks find stretching to be rather boring; especially, when the choice of stretching becomes repetitive. Not only is stretching important to prepare the muscles and joints for the trails, it is imperative to ignite the CNS (Central Nervous System)…. Read more »

Autumn Refreshments for Trail Running

Written by Stephen R. Santangelo and originally published in the Fall 2018 edition of the Trail Times newsletter. Autumn color is a reminder we need to load up on a variety of antioxidants! With the cooling temperatures and shorter days, our body’s metabolism changes and its nutritional requirements change. Our system moves from cooling foods in summer,… Read more »

Core vs Trunk for Trail Runners

Written by ATRA member Stephen R. Santangelo I prefer to make reference to the body’s mid-section as the “trunk,” rather than the fitness industry’s buzz word of choice — “core.” The drawback to mid-section training, regardless of what word one chooses as the descriptor, is the focus on the same useless exercises such as crunches,… Read more »

Training in the Non-Competitive Season

Written by Stephen R. Santangelo for ATRA’s 2016/17 Winter Trail Times Newsletter. There are two approaches to training; competitive season and non-competitive season. I have often found it rather ridiculous to refer to the non-competitive season as the “off season.” As athletes, we truly don’t have an off season. All too often endurance athletes fall… Read more »