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Endurance Town USA Host Goes International with RacingThePlanet

Announcement from Endurance Town USA, American Trail Running Association partner at the 2018 US Trail Running Conference. California-based Race Director and marketing professional joins global ultramarathon producer, RacingThePlanet, to expand its reach and tell its epic 20-year story. Endurance Town USA (ETUSA), a media production company focused on fostering human connection through outdoors, adventure and… Read more »

US Trail Running Conference Q&A with Race Director Samantha Pruitt

This post was originally published at and is reprinted with permission. Samantha Pruitt is the Founder & CEO of ATRA member Race SLO, an ultra running athlete and lover of human bad-assery. Samantha spoke with US Trail Running Conference Director Terry Chiplin.  Terry: Race SLO has been around since 2008. How long have you… Read more »