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Three Easy Snacks for Trail Runners

Written by Stephen R. Santangelo for the Spring 2020 edition of our Trail Times newsletter. Stephen has been in the fitness industry since 1979 and created his own specialty exercises & programs based upon the anthropological movement of the human body. Many of us live an active life on the trails and we’re often on… Read more »

Tailwind Nutrition Debuts A New Flavor

Press release provided by ATRA Double Track member Tailwind Nutrition. Tailwind Nutrition’s New Flavor Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again. Satisfying flavor keeps energy up and stomach calmed down. Tailwind Nutrition is excited to debut Colorado Cola, a new addition to its Endurance Fuel line, at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show this week…. Read more »

Real food sports nutrition for trail runners

Tayte Pollmann’s Tuesday Trail Tips series of articles are supported by American Trail Running Association corporate member Nike Trail Running. After eating a nutritious breakfast, Tayte drove up the hill to Mt. Hood this past Sunday for the Gnar Gnar trail race.  For me, the more real food I include in my diet the better…. Read more »

Bonk Breaker® Goes Non-GMO

Press release from ATRA corporate member Bonk Breaker. Santa Monica, CA–Bonk Breaker®, the Santa Monica-based manufacturer of freshly baked real food energy and protein bars, gluten-free energy chews and organic real fruit hydration drink mix proudly announces a commitment to taking the entire Bonk Breaker® product line non-GMO. With seventy-five percent of Bonk Breaker®’s current… Read more »

Power Up Everyday Exercise and Weekend Adventures with Real Foods from Rocket Fuel

Press release from ATRA corporate member VeloPress. In Rocket Fuel, award-winning dietitian Matt Kadey offers up 126 delicious, creative, and convenient real-food recipes to power your everyday exercise and weekend adventures. Kadey’s ingenious Rocket Fuel foods—like easy-to-make muffins, bars, pies, bites, gels, smoothies, balls, wraps, and cookies—will inspire how you fuel for your favorite sports…. Read more »

Tasty Treats for Springtime

Tasty Treats for Springtime was written by By Stephen R. Santangelo. This article originally appeared in ATRA’s Trail Times newsletter published in April 2016. Budding trees and the first hint of a crocus peeking out from its hibernation, remind us that spring is coming and it is time to plan — and then plant —… Read more »