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Better Together: Two Friends on the Trails in Tahiti

My bestie Anita Ortiz and I have been on numerous trips over the past two decades that have included locations in Europe, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Central America, United States, and most recently, French Polynesia…specifically Tahiti. Pairing travel and trail running leads to a “better together” outcome especially when enjoyed with a like-minded adventurer. Geography… Read more »

Trail Running Maui with Nancy Hobbs & Anita Ortiz

Anita Ortiz Maui

An excellent trail running adventure starts with a like-minded friend who is always up for traveling to explore new areas. I have such a best friend in Anita Ortiz and over the years we have visited locations near and far including Italy, Iceland, Slovenia, Austria, New Zealand, and Australia among them to enjoy running trails… Read more »