Survey reveals runner preferences from Moab Trail Marathon

Several times a year the American Trail Running Association (ATRA) conducts surveys to understand trends within our sport, demographic profiles of its participants and their preferences.

Following the Moab Trail Marathon held in Moab, Utah this past November, we conducted a survey of race participants in the marathon, half marathon, and 5k.  Nearly 30 percent of the participants completed the survey providing some interesting feedback.

The following is a survey summary. Complete survey results are made available to corporate members at the Switchback, Steep & Rocky and All-terrain levels.  For questions about this or future ATRA trail running surveys contact Nancy Hobbs at  Look for more surveys from ATRA in 2017, as we work to provide demographics and trends in our sport.

Number of responses: 532 of which were 57% female.

Age: 52% between 19-39 years of age.

Home state: 50% came from within Colorado.

Top six states represented at the Moab Trail Marathon:

  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • California
  • Wyoming
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico

Weekly running milage:  91% run up to 40 miles per week, with 41% of those in the 21-40 miles per week category. Only 2% run more than 60 miles per week.

Level of competitor:  77% considered themselves either mid- or back-of-the packers

Event preference:  60% competed in the half marathon, 36% in the marathon, 4% in the 5K

Trail shoes v road shoes:  82% wore trail-specific shoes in the race

Most used shoe brand: Saucony

Top 10 shoe brands:

  1. Saucony – 14%
  2. Altra – 13%
  3. Brooks – 13%
  4. Hoka – 12%
  5. Salomon – 11.6%
  6. Asics – 6.4%
  7. New Balance – 5.8%
  8. La Sportiva – 4.3%
  9. Nike – 4.1%
  10. Peal Izumi – 3.9%

Most important factor when choosing an event:  A Great Course.

Top 5 factors for participants when choosing an event:

  • Great Course – 97%
  • Challenging Terrain – 57%
  • Great Organization and Reputation of Organizers – 57%
  • Time of Year – 47%
  • Location (easy to drive to) – 46%

Most important attribute for the race to provide for participants:  Accurately Marked Course

Additional ATRA survey summaries:

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