Spectrum Sports partners with Honey Stinger

Press release from ATRA corporate member Spectrum Sports Management.

Spectrum Sports Management, the leading Southern California sports management event production and sponsorship agency, unites with Honey Stinger for its upcoming RunCatalina events, including the Avalon 50K/50M Benefit Run, Catalina Island Marathon and Catalina Eco Marathon. All runners are invited to travel to Catalina Island to participate in the variety of racing events.

Honey Stinger, a recognized food retailer among trail runners, creates nutritious and reenergizing honey-based snacks helpful for workout recovery. RunCatalina participants will be provided with complimentary wafers and chews to help refuel as they run the rugged landscape of Catalina Island.

“Honey Stinger’s ethos and strategy is a perfect fit for not just RunCatalina, but rather the entire Catalina Island community and its pride in the conservation efforts,” said Mike Bone, Race Director of Spectrum Sports. “Through our partnership with Honey Stinger, we are eager to provide the good nutrition and proper refueling that the participants need to keep their energy high throughout the rigorous course.”

Hosted by Spectrum Sports, RunCatalina events allow trail runners to experience Catalina Island’s 50 miles of coastline and 42,000 acres of beautiful scenery through several major running events. The variety of races allows all types of runners to enjoy the impressive location.

Spectrum Sports focuses on promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle through its sporting events production and partnerships with beneficial brands such as Honey Stinger. To find out more about Spectrum Sports events, visit http://spectrumsports.net/.