Runners to Watch at the 2022 Western States 100 Mile

“The highest award of Western States becomes a self-assurance that celebrates this event before it begins. In spite of the distinction of that silver buckle, and perhaps because of it, Western States proves that honor lies not so much in reaching the finish as in daring to arrive at the start.” — Antonio Rossmann. Read at the annual flag raising of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

Statesmas returns!

The 49th running of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WSER) will be held June 25 to 26, 2022, on the historic point-to-point route from Olympic Valley to Auburn, California. Western States is one of the country’s largest celebrations of ultra-trail running and attracts top athletes from all over the world to challenge themselves against a competitive field of elite runners, as well as to test themselves on tough climbs in the Sierra Mountains, and rugged terrain and heat of the canyons descending into Auburn. Registered for this year’s event are 385 athletes who qualified by earning Golden Tickets, automatic spots, or through the lottery.

At Western States 2021, hot temperatures led to carnage, particularly in the mens’ race, with many runners dropping out or slowing their pace significantly in later portions of the race due to heat exhaustion. The women’s’ field proved to be one of the strongest in race history with the top females going step-for-step with the men. In fact, three female runners placed in the top ten and nine in the top twenty overall.

Need a refresher? Read our full recap from the 2021 Western States race or check out the video below.

This year’s race brings a strong lineup of talented first-timers as well as experienced Western States finishers including fourteen of the twenty top ten men and women from 2021. Three of last year’s top five women will be on the start line including Ruth Croft (second place), Brittany Peterson (fourth place), and Katie Asmuth (fifth place). Four of the 2021 mens’ top five are returning including Tyler Green (second place), Drew Holmen (third place), Cody Lind (fourth place), and Tim Tollefson (fifth place).

Additional athletes to watch will be 2022 Canyons Endurance Run 100k winner Adam Peterman, who will be debuting in the 100-mile distance, 2016 Western States 100 Mile champion Kaci Lickteig who is returning from a hamstring injury. and 2017 Western States runner-up and 2021 top ten finisher Alex Nichols. There are currently 385 athletes registered. Check out a full list of Western States first-time and veteran favorites, as well as pre race thoughts from several of the athletes below.

Western States

Taylor Nowlin on No Hands Bridge at the 2019 USATF 50K Trail Championships.

First Timers To Watch


  • Leah Yingling (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Camille Bruyas (Leschaux, France)
  • Anne Marie-Madden (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Taylor Nowlin (Spokane, WA)

“Last year was a groundbreaking year for women at WSER. I’m most excited to be a part of another deep women’s field, pushing each other to reach our best. It’s going to be a day out there, and I can’t wait to embrace it all—the heat, the downhills, the competition, the volunteers, the history…everything.” —Leah Yingling


  • Adam Peterman (Missoula, MT)
  • Trueheart Brown (Flagstaff, AZ)
  • Tyler Fox (Lander, WY)
  • Tom Owens (Glasgow, UK)

“I feel like the past year for me has led to the opportunity to run at Western States. This race has so much history and I can’t wait to give the course my best effort.” —Adam Peterman

Western States

Hayden Hawks

Veterans To Watch


  • Jared Hazen (Flagstaff, AZ), Three finishes
  • Alex Nichols (Colorado Springs, CO), Two Finishes
  • Drew Holmen (Boulder, CO), One Finish
  • Tyler Green (Portland, OR), One Finish
  • Cody Lind (Pocatello, ID), One Finish
  • Hayden Hawks (Cedar City, UT), One Finish
  • Tim Tollefson (Mammoth Lakes, CA), One Finish

“I am really looking forward to lining up at Western States for my second time. The amount of memories created within this race are endless, but it takes it to the next level when you have the opportunity to toe the line. It’s bound to be a very high level race with so many incredible athletes from the time the shotgun goes off, through the Sierra High Country, to the hot canyons, and into the trails of Auburn.” — Cody Lind


  • Kaci Lickteig (Omaha, NE), Seven Finishes
  • Lucy Bartholemew (Melbourne, Australia), Two Finishes
  • Brittany Peterson (Pocatello, ID), Two Finishes
  • Luzia Buehler (Grusch, Switzerland) Two Finishes
  • Ruth Croft (Stillwater Greymouth, New Zealand), One Finish
  • Katie Asmuth (Mammoth Lakes, CA), One Finish
  • Camille Herron (Warr Acres, OK), One Finish
  • Keely Henninger (Portland, OR), One Finish
Western States

Keely Henninger (left)

“I am really excited to be back at Western States this year after a solid year of training and with all of the learnings I took away from my first go at it last year. I can’t wait to race on beautiful trails against some of the best ladies in the sport, but most importantly I look forward to feeling the electricity at Foresthill and the love from the amazing community of volunteers and organizers who help put on this fantastic event.” — Keely Heninger

“My first two times running this race have prepared me really well. I had a tough time at my first Western States in 2016 (it was my first 100-mile race) and it was really painful. The second time went well and I placed eleventh. This time I feel prepared, I believe in myself and I’m excited to see what I can do.” — Luzia Buehler

“I’m looking forward to the reunion of what is the magical Western States experience. It’ll be fun to line up with so many incredible athletes and soak in the energy throughout the day as I try to piece together a strong 100 miles!” — Brittany Peterson

Western States

Cody Lind

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Can’t make it the Sierra Nevada mountains to watch Western States in person? You can see every inch of the course on Google Maps thanks to ATRA’s 2016 Western States Trekker project. Check out our trekker webpage for street-view links to all the aid stations and other notable points on the historic course. Watson Monument / Emigrant Pass Marker embedded below.