RaidLight Named as a Major Sponsor for the 2019 Cloud City Multi-Stage Ultra

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Park City, Utah — Since 1999 RaidLight has served the trail running community with the best products to enhance your ability to connect with each other, nature, and to share the trail running experience. Born in the French Alps, they continue to blaze new trails through innovation and community building. Helping you find your limits on and off the trail is what drives them to create award winning products. For over a decade RaidLight has crafted gear specifically designed to help you perform at your best during desert and stage races. With a running stage racing line that outpaces all other brands, RaidLight continues to be the leader in stage racing gear. Their commitment to supporting stage racing was highlighted again by the announcement that RaidLight has been named a Major Sponsor of the 2019 Cloud City Multi-Stage ultra in the Rocky Mountains surrounding historic Leadville, Colorado.

Penelope Boettiger, Cloud City Multi-Stage: “We are honored to have a prominent company like RaidLight come on board as a Cloud City Multi-Stage sponsor. RaidLight is a well-established, highly regarded brand in Europe dedicated to trail and stage racing. As this European leader in stage and mountain running is launching in the US, trail and multi-stage competitors here will benefit from the specialty gear they carry and continue to innovate.”

Adam Harmon, RaidLight USA “We are very excited to be partnering with Cloud City Multi-Stage. It is a race that stands for everything we want to support as a brand. Stage racing has been in our DNA since our brand launched in 1999 and we want to see this dynamic and rugged racing format grow in the US. We are also especially excited for what Cloud City is doing to encourage more women to get out there and push their limits.”

About Cloud City Multi-Stage:
Founded in 2017 by Penelope Boettiger, the Cloud City Multi-Stage ultra is the first in a series by Legendary Race Series. A rugged, challenging, high altitude race in Leadville, Colorado with no aid stations and no drop bags–only water, medical attention, and tents are provided. The rest is carried on your own back the whole way—7 days over 173 miles. Difficult? Absolutely. Intimidating? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not! With $15,000 in cash prizes for “cloud runners” (including added money if a woman wins the overall), and generous cutoffs for “cloud hikers”, this is a bucket list race. Early Bird pricing is currently in effect until August 31, 2018. Clearly stated pregnancy deferral policy also in effect!

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